Filmmaker Matt Mangham's 'Analog' Series Is Back With Episode 4

Filmmaker Matt Mangham has been working on an ongoing series entitled “Analog: Stories of Film Photography,” and I’m very excited to share episode four with the Fstoppers community. In this episode, Mangham explores creativity through the eyes of San Diego native, Matthew Lawless.

Mangham, a friend and mentor of mine, has been a lover of film for as long as I’ve known him. He takes his passion for the medium and uses it to draw out awesome nuggets from the folks he features in his series.

Lawless, a director, motion designer, and photographer, takes us through what film cameras he’s fallen in love with over the years, as well as the types of film he likes to shoot with. He provides insight into the early days of his experience shooting film, and shares some tips for anyone considering making a go at film photography.

Both of these super-talented dudes happen to share a hometown with me, so I had the unique opportunity to tag along and shoot some behind the scenes photos over the course of the two-day production. You can find those at the bottom of this post.

These guys are both at the top of their game and seeing them work together to make this come together was an absolute pleasure.

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Sean is a commercial photographer and DP based in San Diego. He can usually be found petting the nearest dog, drinking beer, or watching the lowriders cruise his neighborhood while doing the aforementioned simultaneously.

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Video published May 6th, 2016. This isn't a new episode.

While I can see how the term "is back" may be a bit misleading, I don't believe I mentioned it being "new". I did say I was excited to share it with the *Fstoppers* community, since it was published to the Youtube community last year. But hey, good eye!!

He is referring to shooting expired film there, Bob.

Dude, get your fingers off the film!

Thanks for your concern, Peter!

You're absolutely right, Bob. Good eye!
I've never seen those type of sleeves before; I'm used to the ones that go in binders.

Ingenious design. I appreciate you taking the time to describe this process to me. I hadn't thought of the pressure concern with binders before; I may rethink my system. Probably can find some of these sheets on eBay if my local stores don't sell them (I've never seen them before, but also have never looked).

I still shoot film, but thoroughly enjoy digital well, depending on my mood. As I'm an amateur, I can afford the time and energy to decide.

Thanks, Bob!