Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Portraits

When first starting out in photography, it is easy to fall into bad habits or get fixated on a single part of the overall process. Practicing simple and easy steps over and over is a sure way to build the necessary muscle memory needed to make the mechanics of photography second nature so you can spend more effort on interacting with your subject.

Building a good rapport and communicating with your subject can be one of the most important parts of portrait photography, but with so much else you need to be working on during a shoot, it's often the hardest for beginners to work on. In this quick video from Matt Granger, he goes over five steps that you can practice repeatedly to help improve and build that much-needed muscle memory.  

They say to master any skill it takes a number of hours of practice, and photography is no different. Knowing what lens and lighting for a given situation or what problems might occur within a specific scene all come from repeating the process. 

It is easy to forget how difficult and overwhelming simple things in photography can be in the beginning once they have become second nature. What's something that really helped you when starting out?

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Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Great tip on that shower door used as a diffuser.

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Anybody have a summary of the video? That audio is horrendous 😅

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Really strong echo in that bathroom haha. Do you think a lav mic would have prevented that entirely?