Fujifilm and Elia Locardi Team up in New Webseries

Fujifilm and Elia Locardi Team up in New Webseries

Elia Locardi, famous for taking beautiful landscapes and cityscapes, and refusing to go skydiving, has recently teamed up with Fujifilm, Smugmug, and Flickr to create "Moments in Time", a new webseries following Elia around the world on his photographic journey.

Fstoppers has produced, not one, not two, not three, but four tutorials with Elia and this new web series differs quite a bit in both format and content, concentrating more on the travel and adventure aspect rather than the actual photography (though that is there too!). In this first episode Elia shows off some tips and tricks to scouting, meets up with some locals to talk shop, and takes some photographs. 

It's fascinating to see Elia in his element, joking around, and the sense of humor in the editing is really great. While I wish we got to see some of the photos he took, we do get to see very very similar photos that he has taken through the years which is kind of just as good. 

I'm excited to see more off the show and the other places Elia and team will visit - I don't get the opportunity to travel much myself but it's great to see someone else experience it all. You can catch episode one of Moments in Time on Elia's YouTube channel and subscribe for more updates on the show!

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Elia Locardi's picture

"And refusing to go skydiving." LOL - well played. ;)

Terry Wright's picture

Forget those haters Hall and Moreass, skydiving is scary as hell! If I were you, I'd challenge them "staying on the ground".