How Did Flight of the Navigator Create Its Amazing Visual Effects?

Released in 1986, children’s sci-fi adventure classic "Flight of the Navigator" was one of the first movies to use computer-generated effects, but many of the practical visual effects used are equally mind-blowing. Check out this in-depth insight into how the production team created a movie that still looks good 35 years later.

Captain Disillusion dives deep into the making of the Flight of the Navigator, unearthing some remarkable trivia and giving an idea of an industry that has been revolutionized by computer technology. The advances have been such that there is now a sense of fatigue among audiences, and movies often pride themselves on how much of their visual effects are achieved in camera or simply without the use of any digital manipulation.

Fans who want to dig deeper might want to check out "Life After the Navigator," a feature-length documentary that tells the story of the movie’s lead actor, Joey Cramer, who like many child actors experienced difficulties after rising to fame. The documentary was released last year on Blu-Ray and is now available to rent via Vimeo. Check out the trailer:

Captain Disillusion mentions that many viewers didn't enjoy the alien puppets but the creature full of snot is probably one of my strongest memories from watching that movie for the first time. What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below.

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this guy's content is so good.

Agreed. The production values alone are insane, never mind everything else.

I don't see how it's worth this level of effort for Youtube videos. His production value is better than most TV shows.

Same! Guess he just loves it. Or has a band of anonymous benefactors throwing money at him for being awesome.