How to Shoot a Slo-Mo Flying Food Commercial

Have you ever wondered how you could recreate the amazing flying food slow motion videos that seem to be trending lately? If you have, you probably have an idea how to do it, but lack all the fancy gear and equipment the pros are using in those commercials. 

I'm not sure how many of you have access to the specialized equipment the professionals have on set when shooting these slow-motion videos, but the crew at Syrp decided to create their own food commercial using their own gear which included a few Genie Mini II to help with the food rotation and the Genie II Linears for the vertical movement. 

In this video, we are shown the complete process from ideation to actual production of the video and into the final post-processing to make the final commercial. If you already own or plan on purchasing these units from Syrp, this video comes in handy to see how you can use them to create your food commercials. If not, these are an alternate source of equipment instead of the robust robots used by the professionals to help you with the motion of your subjects. Check out the article for a little more detail of the shoot here.

What are some other ways you can use Syrp devices beyond their more tradition purpose?

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Overused word of this millennium.

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This comment is fire

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Fail.. One is suppose to use motor oil for the syrup and shaving cream for the whip topping..