New Video Goes Behind the Scenes of How This Amazing Eclipse Photo Was Captured

You might be tired of hearing about the eclipse, but this video explores what took place moments before, and during the eclipse for Ted Hesser and Andrew Studer as they planned a once-in-a-lifetime shot. 

There was a written article earlier this week that really dives into the gear and setup, so if you'd like learn more after watching the video, definitely check out this article by .

I think everyone knew that it would take a team effort to pull something like this off, but seeing footage of all of those people in place, and then the commotion from other photographers and onlookers really puts things into perspective.

Smith Rock is a popular place for climbers and tourists alike, so it's no surprise that it was a very popular place to watch the eclipse. What great work and vision by all involved. 

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Great video. I love all of the fellow photographer collaboration that went in to getting the shots. The execution of the plan was stellar. These are some of my favorite shots of the Eclipse for sure! Were they shooting on assignment for Columbia?

Wow, this is terrific! Great job by Ted, Andrew, Martina, Tommy, Michael, and everyone else involved!

Very kool indeed