Ronda Rousey In Body Paint For Sports Illustrated Cover Photoshoot - Behind The Scenes

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After finishing up our swimwear photography with Joey Wright, I've gained a new appreciation for the genre. I was surfing through past Sports Illustrated swimsuit sessions and I ran across this years'. It happened to have Ronda Rousey in body paint. 

I didn't realize that these body paintings are modeled after real swimsuits. The most interesting part of this series is that Ronda's first suit was leaked by paparazzi. Instead of rolling with it, SI decided to reshoot the cover with a new suit and paint job so that the issue would be even more exciting. I personally think the second shoot looks better than the first. The series was shot by Frederic Pinet


You can check out the behind the scenes from some of the other models in the body paint section below.

Check out to see every image from the shoot. 

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