The Sony a9 Review We've All Been Waiting For

While we all might not all be a fan of his on-camera persona or his punchy photography style. I think we can all agree that Jared Polin aka FroKnowsPhoto does a great job of testing out and reviewing the latest and greatest in the Photography industry. In his newly released “Real World Review” Jared takes the newly released Sony a9 and puts it through the paces at a professional soccer event in Philadelphia. 

He walks and talks his way through the whole event from beginning to end with the new Sony sports powerhouse. He even goes as far as to go through some of his favorite shots and show how they held up in post processing. This in-depth review will go over all the main selling points, new features, and quirks that he ran in to throughout the course of the day.

Amid all the controversy surrounding the release of the new Sony a9, I think this is the best review to date of what it is and isn’t capable with the a9 in a sports shooting scenario. While there will always be an argument for what and who’s gear is better, after watching this entire review it’s safe to say that Sony has now implanted its ecosystem into the sports photography realm and they won’t be going anywhere. Let’s just see what lenses Sony announces in the upcoming months to make them a bigger powerhouse in this field.

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Ralph Hightower's picture

TL;DF. Too Long; Didn't Finish. Is this the video where Jared "Fro Knows Photo" Polin shows the banding problems of the Sony a9? If so, I've already watched most of that.

Jonathan Brady's picture

He did demonstrate banding. This video was almost an hour and it was him shooting the announcers booth, a soccer game, then fireworks after, and then reviewing the images.

Leigh Smith's picture

Crud on the the sensor at 1:41 makes me cringe....

Chris Ramsey Jr.'s picture

Yeah I saw that. It's like my worst nightmare for my a7rii

Zack L's picture

Maybe if you're not doing the review yourself, you shouldn't start the article by downplaying the original creator's style and personality. Kind of chippy. "This guy sucks, but I'm just going to use all his original ideas and work"

Chris Ramsey Jr.'s picture

Funny you say that, because I personally love the guy and even gave him praise for his great review. I feel in the photography world you need a guy with his personality to add color to the sometimes monotonous gear talk.I just know he's a polarizing person in the industry and is not to some people's taste.

Maybe you shouldn't presume my personal opinion.

michael buehrle's picture

i like fro. todd too (except when he over uses that dam phone ring). steve is the guy that keeps it from going off to crazy places. fro gives it to you straight. i'd like to see Ki come have a photo battle with the guys at the fro factory. maybe have matt granger come be the ref.

Chris Ramsey Jr.'s picture

That would be insanity!