'The Story Behind My Photo' Is a Compelling Series of Photographer Short Stories

Canadian digital camera store, Vistek, has been interviewing photographers that have exhibits in the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, in an ongoing video series called, "The Story Behind My Photo." In case the series title hasn't given it away, Vistek asked talented Canadian photographers to take us behind-the-scenes and share the stories that go along with their photos. These videos are very brief, but are compelling, beautiful, informative, and often, humorous. 

This first video features Landscape Photographer Arnold Zageris, as he tells the story of a group of penguins sitting on an ice-floe from his exhibit, "Antarctica."​ So far there are nine videos in the series and I'm confident that you will find each and every one of them insightful and entertaining.

Photographer Carlos Fernandes shares his story behind his exhibit, "Regulars," which features portraits of people just as they were taking a particularly strong shot at the bar he manages.


Commercial and Fine-Art Photographer Steve Kean proves that you can create beautiful fine art images using nothing but an iPhone in his exhibit, "Moving Landscapes"


Documentary Photographer Colin Boyd Shafer tells the story of a budding love between two people of different faiths in his photo series, "The InterLove Project: Portraits of Interfaith Love in Ontario."


Photographer J R Bernstein talks about global warming, his experiences shooting in Svalbard, Norway, and his carbon printing process, in his series, "Carbon Manifest." 


Architect and Photographer Maha Munaf discusses her exhibit, "Scent of Jasmine," as it relates to her Syrian culture and childhood memories.


Painter and Documentary Photographer Misha Masek explains the story behind her photo series, "A Displaced Pendulum and Cultural Views on Equilibrium: An Investigation of Ancient Faith in the Sacred Sands of Rajasthan."


Documentary Photographer Kristin Lau highlights the devastation in Nepal following the 2015 earthquakes in her series, "Light and Shadow." Which also shows how the use of solar power and other renewable energy sources are helping to make a difference to the recovering nation.  


Fine-Art Photographer Lora Moore-Kakaletris remembers what inspired her to create her photo, "Invisible," from her exhibit, "Dark Waters." 


Many thanks to Vistek's Video Producer Dale Sood for sharing these amazing artists and their captivating stories with us. For more information on these and other exhibits go to the Contact Photo Festival Exibitions.

Editor's Note: Having just moved from New York City to Vancouver, BC, I've really felt the loss-of-convenience that comes from having easy access to some of the world's largest supply stores. Due to new regulations, prohibiting the transportation of items like lithium batteries across our boarders, I haven't been able to get a lot of the gear I've needed and / or lusted after. Fortunately, this post got me looking into Vistek (Canada's largest, professional one-stop photo, video and digital imaging store) and I've found that their prices are on par with their U.S. counterparts and often works out to be less costly (not having to pay prohibitively high custom taxes). I don't want you to get this message twisted; this is an un-sponsored, unsolicited shout-out for my fellow Canadian shooter, that have been feeling the sting of inconvenience and tariff costs. 

[via Vistek]

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