Tips on How to Pose Newborn Babies

Have you ever wondered how baby photographers (no, not babies that are photographers) pose newborns? Have you wondered how they got those little writhing, crying, flailing bundles of joy to stay the heck still for at least 1/200th of a second? Well, the crew over at Redhead Photography seems to have found the right combination. In fact, the babies in this video are so malleable that it's a little bit unnerving.

So, how did they achieve this miraculous bending of wills? Well, for starters, the babies just spent nine months in 98.6°F/37.0°C temperatures; so, the studio keeps the room environment comfortable for them at a toasty 80.0°F/26.7°C. Another key point the video brings up is to be sure to have the mothers feed the babies before the shoot and keep extra milk on hand. All that milk keeps the babies sleepy. Last, but not least, is to soothe the babies the whole time they are being positioned, because once those little tikes get worked up, it's game over and back to square one. Even though it goes without saying, we will say it: you have to handle newborns with care as they are very delicate.

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Very beautiful promotional video, but where are the posing tips ?

Second this question. Both videos give key points as to what conditions make these babies sleepy but none speaks about the positioning. Regardless of this, the article has inspired me for a photo session of a friend's newborn baby.

Admittedly there are only the three: high tempertures, keep them well fed and constantly soothed. All which lend towards making the subject more malleable.

The pose is photogenic, but natural it most definitely is not!

Photographing newborns is definitely a game of patience in order to achieve success.

The power of light should be very important considering babies' very sensitive retina, I wonder how they deal with it..

Newborn photography can certainly be difficult. Here is a photo I just did last night of my son born just 5 days ago. I think it turned out great.

no very well know tips in here....and people , dont dream , baby so easy to pose are rare... most of time they wake up very easy