Travel and Landscape Photography Q&A With Brendan van Son and Thomas Heaton

Who better to hit up with some photography Q&A than two top travel and landscape photographers? From the new IGTV to planning for your best landscape shots, these two give some great advice and share some laughs.

In this video, Brendan van Son joins Thomas Heaton at his home in England to answer some video questions from folks in  van Son's Facebook Group, Brendan van Son’s Mother Photographers. They discuss the new Instagram app called IGTV, and the reasons why it might not be the best feature Instagram has ever rolled out.

They also discuss planning for great landscape photography by paying attention to weather and atmospheric conditions. Heaton recommends using MeteoEarth, an app that shows you cloud cover conditions so that you can tell where your best sunrise and sunset shots are going to happen. 

One viewer asks the guys about the most danger they've been in where they were actually able to get the shot, and the answers involve coyotes and cows, among other things. The subject of admiring and being influenced by other photographers comes up, and they discuss how fine the line is when it comes to being influenced as opposed to copying someone's style. 

After finishing up the Q&A, they guys take us behind the scenes as they head out to the beach to capture some spectacular sunset action.

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Lou Bragg's picture

I thought sunset pictures were out of style since the 60s. Me uncle used to love those... Anyway the video sound track is annoyingly out of tune. It sounds like an old turn table running out of steam ....

Jordan McChesney's picture

I follow both of their work, Thomas is actually the reason I got back into photography. However, my heart sank a little bit when Brendan mentioned he only follows YouTube creators who are already well established.
I actually reached out to him, offering help with locations off the beaten track next time he comes to Japan, since I seem to be the only native-English speaking photographer living here, haha. Hopefully he takes me up on my offer.

Either way, the video is a good watch. Two humble guys having a good time.