Adobe Encouraging Flights to US For Cheaper Prices

Adobe Encouraging Flights to US For Cheaper Prices

A couple months ago, Adobe was hit with bad press about their prices of software in Australia being incredibly high. So high in fact, that people had found that it was actually cheaper to fly to the US from Australia to purchase their products. Now, in their latest PR blunder, Adobe's actually endorsing the idea of flying the United States to purchase their products.

In a recent hearing on IT pricing in Australia compared to other countries, Paul Robison (Adobe marketing director of ANZ), encouraged Australian buyers to purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud product, at $49.99 per month, exclaiming that most of customers are moving to the cloud versions anyway.

While this price is comparable to the US price of the product, the box prices for their products are as much as $1000 more in Australia than in the US, for essentially the same products. "If Australian customers don’t see the value of Adobe’s software, they can buy another company’s software" Robson said. "Alternatively, they can take a trip overseas or import the American version."

Adobe encourages the cloud services that they've made available, as its more cost effect, since they do not need to use distribution chains or retail stores.

While the cost for the box products are significantly higher in Australia, the student discount is roughly 24% more for students in Australia than they are in the United States.

Is there more of a reason for such high profit margins in the Australia market? Or is this just another simple case of price gouging?

[via Computer World]

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adobe is crap... thank god for keygens.....

Zach Sutton's picture

It's a bit unfair to call the company that makes all the products that we use crap, isn't it?

hitler build the autobahn....
the one has nothing to do with the other.

Zach Sutton's picture

Are you comparing Adolf Hitler?

One build products for working professionals, the other was responsible for the deaths of over 10 has nothing to do with the other.

Its illustrative - think a little

Jaron Schneider's picture

Yeah... no...

Over 70 million to be more exact: about 24 million militants and 46 million civilians died in WWII...

oh and hitler killed them all.. even the japanese civilians who where murdered by the american a-bombs?

He is personally responsible fo WWII: Japan would never enter the war if USSR were not too busy fighting Hitler to intervene. But of course Japan rulers are also giulty.

you are a real moron.... uneducated usa citizen i guess

Charles Coleman's picture

I mostly use aperture 3 :) and Final Cut X. Rarely do I poke in photoshop

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If Adobe was such crap you wouldn't take the time to find a keygen and crack the software to use their product!

what time.. lol?

what you have to get is that the people CODING the products are not the managers at adobe. adobe as company IS crap... a greedy company like most big companys.

Zach Sutton's picture

Greedy enough to not bother bumping up their DRM for their software.... And be happy they don't, cause it appears they looking to go to a cloud services, to prevent pirates like yourself from stealing their programs, :-)

sorry to burst your bubble - but there is not all that much cloud in Adobe Cloud - its the same shit repackaged and billed per month. You still install it on your PC.

And prevent pirates? Yeah because that's been working out real well for Microsoft, Apple, Sony, etc. They have like totally bewildered George Hotz, DVD Jon, et al.

what do you dream at night kid?

Idiot. People like you are a big part of why the software is so expensive. Pirating = decreased revenue at current price point = raise the price point.

Because Photoshop used to be $200 before that asshole downloaded it.

Have you ever tried to buy CAD software? You'll choke. Specialized products for specialized markets are ALWAYS going to be more expensive. There are over 200 million adults in the U.S. and Adobe has a potential market of what...1% of the population, if that?

Adobe products aren't exactly next to the milk in the grocery store. This kind of complaining shows economic ignorance.

I submit that adobe products are a bit less specialized than cad software...

Yeah and it would seem the Swiss pirate 76% more than Americans.

In other software, I might agree. But what real alternatives are there to photoshop? Adobe more or less has the monopoly here. The only thing they need to do is balance the price so that they maximize their profits (with no regard for the competitors they don't have!).
As a side note: piracy is apparently part of their business model: Every new photog/graphic artist eventually tries photoshop, and when they start or become part of a legitimate business, they're forced to buy the one product they know, thereby reinforcing the monopoly Adobe already has...

lol... dream on kiddo.....

In a way Adobe can actually be grateful for pirating. Photoshop is the most pirated software ever, which means it is the most used, which has helped it become the standard. It's not like Adobe suffers any real loss in inventory, people who pirated the software probably weren't willing to pay through the nose for a genuine copy anyway.

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So if someone steals your work, do you get upset at them? Maybe they think you're just too expensive to pay for....

i got a call from my pal that lives in australia. he had me buy him four copies and ship them to him. Then he sent me the cash plus 50 bucks extra per copy. I was stunned and quite happy. :)

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price gouging

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It's not only for Adobe products.
Take a Canon EOS 5d Mark III, launching price in the US $3499 in Europe €3299 UK £2999
€3299 is about $2700, £2999 is about $4500.
I would really like Canon to explain me how they do their currency conversion.

That is something I noticed when I lived in Britain; if it cost a dollar in the US, it cost a pound in the UK. However, I also noticed salaries and cost of living held the same correlation ($1=£1), so that would mean it was fair market value.

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answer on that one is simple, import duties on electronics into Australia with a wholesale value of over $1000 still run at approx 30%, then GST is charged on top of that.

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