Christmas Sale: SLR Lounge's How To Use Lightroom 4 DVD

Let's face it, learning new software can be a pain in the ass sometimes. As photographers we have to juggle between Photoshop, Lightroom, our camera's proprietary software, and countless other editing software tools. Most of us learn just enough to get the job done but in the process we probably fail to get the most out of each program. SLR Lounge has sent the Fstoppers team a copy of their new Lightroom 4 Workshop Collection to test out and this thing smokes! They've also discounted both the download and the physical copies for the holidays! Read more details below.


We are going to do a full review of this amazing collection very soon because, well, it really is a great tool for those who use Lightroom as their main workflow editing software. In a nutshell though, the Lightroom 4 Workshop Collection features over 27 hours (yes 27 HOURS) of tutorials.

The collection features the A-Z Tutorials which covers every possible function of Lightroom. It also includes a large library of presets that you can install into your own copy of Lightroom for simple non destructive batching and editing. Finally, the DVD set also includes a great Workflow System disc which helps maximize both the quality of your files and the time you spend editing each of those files. The whole thing is a lot to take in but it's the most thorough tutorial on Lightroom on the market. Lee and I have made our wedding editors study this system and I must say our wedding photos are looking better than ever!

Starting today through Christmas, SLR Lounge is offering a digital copy of their Lightroom 4 Workshop Collection for $199 (normally $249). If you prefer a physical copy, you can buy both the digital copy and the DVD box set for just $219.

If you want a short sample of the type of content you will find in SLR Lounge's Lightroom 4 Workshop Collection, check out the video below or head over to their youtube channel.

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