The Decline Of Facebook Explained

Last week Jaron Schneider posted an inside look at the decline in Facebook engagement. For those of us with Photography pages to promote, this means that now you will have to pay each time you want your posts to reach an acceptable amount of your followers. Youtuber Veritasium created an informative video that explains the situation in even more detail.

For now, Facebook is winning this battle and Fstoppers is paying to promote important content but business owners are getting fed up. If Facebook continues, it may become the next MySpace quicker than we had expected.

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Great video, and great points. I think the the only thing keeping businesses with Facebook is that the users are still with Facebook. There is no viable alternative that will get used by the public to the degree that Facebook is used (Not yet anyways). The large majority of FB users do not know that their stuff is filtered, and they don't want to pay to promote their stuff, so all of this just goes on over their heads.

And the "large majority of FB users" don't want a constant stream of ads and sales pitches shoved at them either.

Facebook sucks, im going back to #Friendster #badjokes

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Does something like Google+ stand a chance on unseating Facebook in 2014?

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Only if they change the name completely to something cool

Like what, G Life? Sounds like a social network for thugs.

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Did I suggest G Life?

No. Because there is no real userbase, and real people have zero motivation to move to a new service that is the same as fb but with 0% of their friends present.

It's just nerds talking to each other about Google Plus and how it isn't Facebook, or the Kelby-Ratcliffe 'photographer' circlejerk.

Maybe Google+ should provide a method to import all of your facebook posts and images etc. and people can move their entire facebook "life" with one click to Google+. Now that would be something that will probably break facebook. ;)

facebook doesn't allow you to take your data. So even if Google would have this possibility you could not use it. Data you put in Goolge+ can be removed though and downloaded to your own computer.

You will be surprised how much is already happening. I have 40.000 followers on G+ and this type of interaction like in this post is quite normal for me. And this is possible without advertising.

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The cycle of ineptitude continues... You'd think Facebook would have learned from the Digg Reddit migration of 2010, especially considering their own MySpace migration.

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The video side steps the elephant in the room. Which is the businesses that use facebook as a vehicle to promote their business, should expect to pay for that service due to facebook's userbase.
The video fails to separate the 2 distinct user bases of facebook, those who run businesses and those for personal use. Personal users don't have to worry about filters because they will actively seek out what their friends and families are doing and vice versa. Thus facebook filtering content and organic reach mainly only affects businesses, who can't actively seek out all their viewers, and are instead their viewers actively seek them out. Completely different models for completely different purposes, the fact that it's done on the same platform shouldn't be held against facebook.

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You'd think they already make enough money from every detail of our lives?...wait that's what they're selling.

So does Google, Bing, Walgreen's pharmacies, and any store with a 'rewards' card. And your point is?
The whiners here want to profit from facebook users at no cost, yet they are complaining that facebook wants to profit as well. That is a huge disconnect from (business and advertising) reality.

So in a since facebook is actually hurting it self due to the fact they filter everyhing out ad wise from people that dont engage with those/us companies beacuse all they want to do is engage with their families/friends which they dont mind. Thus making it harder for us to get to our potential client base for us to get paid and pay for ads because our revenue drops and we cant pay for the ads? Also I bet when they're/Clients are looking for wedding photographers,etc. their googleing/binging not serching on facebook yes they have friends that post their wedding pics and they might find out about us through them, thats why SEO and websites are important. MySpace was replaced by Facebook, Myspace is music oriented and has its niche google+ is nice for photographer discusion and share photos amongest one another somthing will come along and knock out Facebook or their niche will be family orianted content oh wiat thats what it always has been but they wont beable to profit. Again I say have a web site SEO is they best way to go

Your post is a grammatical mess.

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This guy is right on. He and I should, like, hang out or something and talk about how we're being shafted by a company who isn't sure what they are anymore.

Being shafted? How? For a company (Facebook) to ask you to pay for (your formerly free) advertising? Reality check Jaron.................nothing is free.

Please don't say "shafted". How would we feel if we charged our clients a minimal fee for our services and they told the world they got "shafted"? We're being hypocritical on this matter

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You mistake my dislike of their policies for a dislike for paying for services. I happily pay for services. We pay Facebook right now. I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is what we are getting for those services. I complain about Comcast, Verizon and other companies the same way. Also, their fee is nothing close to "minimal."

Again, I'd argue that dollar for dollar, what other method of advertising has such an immediate impact with all the other bells and whistles we get with the ole bookface? I'm also guilty of complaining about paying for services I can't really see a return in, however, FB isn't even close to one of them (I'm also not currently paying FB for anything). I think I'm just over reading about the topic - nothing personal.

You expected more from a social media network that was literally created by college kids sitting around a dorm room drinking? The envisioned a great idea, but they lack what it takes to keep it viable.

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Really? Facebook is the 2nd largest website in the world behind the homepage. I'm pretty sure at this stage they can hire anyone to make it viable. I think they have just gone down a wrong path with their current business strategy. I think it's pretty impressive to think a couple of college kids drinking beer could create the 2nd largest website in the world....that's no easy feat

No one can ever question the success of Facebook, but they have certainly taken steps lately that put the website's future in question. Already they have lost the young visitors (high school age) and business people have quickly seen that the business pages are no great success either. I work with high school kids and they all use other forms of social media on a larger scale now then they did two years ago. To the average teenager, FB is nothing more than a place to put your good stuff so parents don't see it. Ford sold a ton of Pintos in the day. But that success didn't last long.

That's because Pintos would catch fire with the smallest rear collisions! come on..

Also, a bunch of college kids also invented THE largest website in the world.

Even this latest move impresses me. Facebook is and will remain a social media site first, with excellent advertising potential for those who have a legitimate enough business to justify paying for advertisement, secondly.

Key word is 'social media' here, not "advertising company". Facebook; for social interaction, not sales pitches.

Imho, part of the problem is the age structure of the average facebook user; last I heard it was well above 25 years.
Those guys don't hit facebook to play farmville, they're mostly busy living real lives.
Not the teens/ college kids fb was aiming for!

I think fb needs to turn this ship around pretty fast in order to keep its remaining users aboard.

The phrase that caught my attention was "...readership may decline..." That sounds like Facebook had to post that notice as part of the SEC double-talk.

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