New Moleskine Photo Albums

New Moleskine Photo Albums

Moleskine has been making chic and simple notebooks since the 19th century. Now you can take that design and create your own photobook. The books range in size from 20-200 pages depending on your need. If you pre-order now you will receive a free notebook. I just pre-ordered a book for my client meetings. Prices start at $37.50. You have two options...

when ordering the books. You can choose the Photo Book or the Photo Book Plus. The Plus comes with a very chic sleeve to keep your album in. Both options come with the classic rounded corners, elastic closure, fine ivory colored paper, lie flat stitching, and the back inner pocket.

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Nicholas's picture

They look great! If the photo quality of the prints look good this may be an awesome product for clients.

Love my Moleskine notebooks so really interested in these.

Trevor Dayley's picture

Looks great. Just bought one on pre-order. 

shame they don't make them in a square format.

Just pre-ordered mine. I wonder if you can customize a page's layout.

David Arthur's picture

so it's a printed album? or is it like a photo album you slide the pictures into? confused....

Printed album

I'm really interested, but I could not find out how you get to design the album.  From what I gathered, you order it and then...?  Then you get to design it?  How?  I'm e-mailing them to see what's what...

Adam's picture

Yes. You pre-order, and then they'll give you a link to where you can begin designing the notebook once they're ready. I imagine it won't take more than a few weeks...I hope...

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Yeah they have not launched yet. It is just a preorder. 

They have retailers here in the U.S. that sell the notebooks but Does anyone know where they will be shipping the photobooks from and what freight will be to the United States?  I think they're based in New Zealand.

Just a tip- Don't order these around the Chinese New Year. =) I ordered one, about a month went by and I sent an email asking where it was. They told me "oh it's the Chinese new year it'll be there in about two weeks.". No email or warning before ordering or "Hey, just a note, ordering during the Chinese New Year might delay shipping!". A lot of "Affordable Album" makers outsource to China (who doesn't right?). I just got a shipping notice from Artisan State, which I thought was hand making my Album in San Francisco, and it's shipped from..... Shanghai- China! BOOM!