Should You Go to College to Become a Photographer?

As professional photographers, there's no doubt in our minds that making photography into a career should be considered "a real job." However, the path you take to become a professional may make or break your career choice. 

Choosing whether or not to go to school to become a photographer will have a huge impact on how your long-term career will likely pan out. Before you dive into a choice one way or another, take some time to listen to some experienced voices. Lee Morris, co-owner of Fstoppers, chose to go to art school and has now worked as a professional photographer and educator for over a decade. Mike Kelley did not go to school for photography but is probably now the most well-known architectural photographer in the world. In this video, they take the time to break down the choices they've made and how they think school has affected their career paths.

If you're considering paying for schooling to pursue photography or any other creative art as a career, take the time to watch this video first. 

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John Dawson's picture

The point isn't whether or not education is beneficial, of course it's beneficial. The question is whether said education has to be formal. The answer is no.


Tony Clark's picture

What are you a lawyer, why split hairs? State your opinion in the thread and move on. Don't try to demean my opinion.

Alex Armitage's picture

Mike Kelley is that a death cab shirt?

Tomash Masojc's picture

Lee, so how old you were then you decided to be a photographer?

Dominic Barber's picture

I think that in order to become a photographer education is clearly not necessary, you can simply attend master classes, if you are interested, I do writing research papers like this , this is quite a difficult job, but I cope, the photographer’s work I think is also interesting.

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I think you don't need college to become a photographer. Maybe some courses from a good specialist. I recently read an essay about how to combine study and what you like here, so that if you are interested in this information, then be sure to check it out.