StudioBinder's Making It: Filmmaking Laid Bare

StudioBinder, the production management software company, has created a series of short documentaries to assist filmmakers in understanding and navigating production pitfalls in translating their stories to the screen. Making It.

Between now and the end of December, StudioBinder will be publishing a series of 6 episodes. Each different episode is intended to demystify a segment of production. StudioBinder will be releasing episodes every other week:

  • Episode 1 (October 14) Budget Bombshell
  • Episode 2 (October 31) Department Head Hunting
  • Episode 3 (November 14) Location Lockdown
  • Episode 4 (November 28) Breaking Cast
  • Episode 5 (December 12) 11th Hour Fallout
  • Episode 6 (December 26) Finale: Introducing Mental Mistakes 

StudioBinder's Making It

Episode 1, which is already live, investigates setting budgets. Subsequent episodes will touch on subjects such as visualizing projects from scripts, locking down locations, and finding and hiring crew.

You'll see us write the pilot script, break down our script, create a film budget, hire key department heads, create a shot list, build a production calendar, secure locations, hold auditions, hold a table read through, secure film crew and equipment, and then produce a proof of concept for a TV series. 

In addition to each episode, StudioBinder will also be releasing a series of sample resources to help guide filmmakers, for example: production Gantt charts, various release forms, location scout checklists, and crew deal memos.

Certainly, StudioBinder's Making It is a form of introduction to their production software. An advertisement of sorts. But, the amount of information that they seem to have on deck for this series makes it a must watch for aspiring filmmakers.

If that isn't a carrot enough, StudioBinder is accepting applications for a second season of Making It. The list of partners lined-up for season two is pretty impressive, including Sundance Collab and Bondit Media Capital.

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