ASMP & Photoshelter Release Copyright Guide

The Photographer's Guide to Copyright, a robust downloadable PDF packed full of information about copyright issues was released this week from Photoshelter & ASMP. The guide gives a better understanding on how to protect still and motion images and how to safeguard your work from infringement.

In the guide you will find info on how to protect yourself, what defines fair use, registering copyrights and what to do if you have been infringed. This guide also provides in-depth

Adobe Encouraging Flights to US For Cheaper Prices

A couple months ago, Adobe was hit with bad press about their prices of software in Australia being incredibly high. So high in fact, that people had found that it was actually cheaper to fly to the US from Australia to purchase their products. Now, in their latest PR blunder, Adobe's actually endorsing the idea of flying the United States to purchase their products.

Budgets, Shotlists, And More: Free Templates For Freelance Production Jobs

If you’re one of the many folks who have started to incorporate video production into the services you offer as a photographer, you’ve probably had a few challenges dealing with it’s unique workflow. I started as a video editor, and transitioned into production about 10 years ago. I’ve created some simple forms to help keep my projects in line, and today I’m sharing them with you.

New Tumblr Exposes The Pay Rates of Publications

Recently, a professional photographer decided to share his years of experience in print with other photographers around the world. However this experience isn't shooting techniques, or how to interact with those involved with the shoot. Instead, this focuses on the pay scale you can expect from each publication, and its asking for you to help submit your experiences too.

Innovative New Photo Sharing Site In a League Of Its Own

*Edit* Since writing this article I have since moved from PASS to Pixieset as my online gallery of choice for my clients. You can read more about why I feel Pixieset is the best solution here, "Top 10 Reasons Pixieset Makes Sense for Professional Photographers."

I am a self professed tech nerd. I am always on the search for the latest innovations and products that will better my life and business. Over the last few months I have been using one that is a real game changer in my business. In a very short amount of time PASS has become an extremely valuable asset helping me book more clients and get my images in front of more faces.

Dangerous Situation for Models and Photographers

A few minutes ago I received an email that contained some big red flags and alerted me of a dangerous situation that all photographers and models should be aware is happening. Recently here on Fstoppers we reported on models that went missing after accepting jobs on these modeling sites. Well now I have discovered that someone is actually representing themselves as me on one of these sites and trying to setup various shoots with models.

Learning To Say NO

NO is a tough word to use when a client contacts you requesting a bid on a photo project. Learning to use the word can be a powerful tool that will help improve your photography business.

Hear me out. I know it might sound ridiculous turning down work but if it isn’t right for you, it isn’t right. You need to recognize that the project could be a drain rather than a benefit, even if a paycheck is attached.

5 Inspiring Videos Every Business Owner Should Watch

Over the years I have gotten to know many photographers that can take great photos but who suffer staying motivated in their business. Many of us try to do it on our own with no one to really believe in us. Our family and friends watch us from the sidelines waiting for us to throw in the towel. I have found that watching a daily motivational video is a great way for me to stay focused and inspired. Here are 5 of my current favorites I believe every entrepreneur should watch.