4 Wildly Fun and Educational Videos to Teach You How to Film Films with Filmmaking

Writer, director, and presenter Ryan Connolly, best known for his internet television shows Film Riot and Film State, has teamed up with CanonUSA to teach us the basics of film production. There is an amazing amount of information compressed into each short video but what's more amazing is how easily digestible and concise it all is. Factor in the entertainment value (I chuckled through every episode) and you will find these slapstick-styled gems beyond fun and educational. Even if you aren't interested in making films you will enjoy these videos and may even change your mind by the end. I myself had a little Matrix moment where I said aloud, "I know filmmaking". Thanks Ryan. You're just super.

Join filmmaker Ryan Connolly on a journey through making movies, as he helps out a fellow filmmaker remember what to do.


In episode 1, Ryan explains how to choose the right Canon camera for your project.

In episode 2, Ryan explains pre-production setup and how to assemble a shot composition.


In episode 3, Ryan explains how shutter and aperture affect light as well as lighting using the three point lighting technique.

In episode 4, Ryan explains how sound can make or break your film. He also explains the basics to using a shotgun microphone to get the cleanest audio possible.

Ready to start filming? Then choose your weapon:

VIXIA mini X

PowerShot G7 X


​Rebel T6i 


XC10 4K

C100 Mark II​


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Yooooo that banana is dank

lol I wasn't sure anyone would actually notice that. :P

I've been following Film Riot for a few years. Ryan and his crew make learning about movie making fun and interesting. His short films are also VERY nice.

Tell, U.F.OYEAH!, Real Lost, Portal Combat ... can't wait to see Intercept.

When I saw the title "How to Film Films with Filmmaking" the first thing I thought was "That sounds like something Ryan Connolly would say". :)

Agreed Eric. I think Ryan is brilliant. I'll be keeping an eye on him and featuring his videos more often. Maybe one day we will try and get him to do a fun collabaration with FS. :)

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