How to Begin Shooting High-End Real Estate Video

With the advent of digital cameras, drones, the Internet, and social media, video has become much more a part of every facet of advertising and our general content consumption. Even Fstoppers began by sharing behind-the-scenes videos of photographers at work to inspire and educate people all around the world. Everywhere you look, now, video is always present. Today's behind-the-scenes video comes to you from Parker Walbeck, the guy responsible for flying the LG V30 on top of a Red Weapon to compare the video output. In this video, he takes us on a real-estate video shoot and walks us through his gear and process.

As we know from Mike Kelley's tutorial here on Fstoppers, high-end properties need high-end advertising and talented people to shoot them. Although this short video is nowhere near as in-depth as Mike Kelley's opus, Walbeck does give some interesting insight into how he shoots and post-processes his footage. He demonstrates how to mix drone footage (and crash a drone) with DSLR footage while also sharing tips about his simple equipment package that produces gorgeous results. For those looking to get into this genre of video production, this is a great introduction to what is required and the basics of shooting real estate videos.

See more of Walbeck's work on his YouTube channel.

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