Plug In Your Robotic Arm

We love gear. But this is next level stuff. If you’ve seen the smoothness of the shots used to introduce the Microsoft Studio Surface, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The guys at Motorized Precision who introduced KIRA robotic arm at NAB 2017 are taking pre-orders for the MIA, their latest robotic arm. It’s smaller, about as portable as a fridge is on wheels, and can plug into any traditional single phase wall socket. It holds up to a 22lb camera package, the arm itself weighs 120lbs and it comes with a standard six-meter track. If you want to see what it's capable of go watch Thor: Ragnarok, which used the KIRA for many of their shots. The video shows what the KIRA 1.0 could do.

The MIA is a six-axis arm and uses the same software as the other robot arms in their catalog. It’s made to handle all the RED line of cameras as well as the ARRI Mini. Anything smaller will obviously work great too. They are taking orders and there is a six-month waiting time. It’s possible to buy or rent the MIA or KIRA, so you can go to their site and contact them if you are interested. Pricing is not available on the site and it is dependent on the configuration you plan on getting.  

You can find the MIA’s specifications here, and the KIRA 2.0’s specifications here.  


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