Ram Renews Idea From YouTube For Captivating Super Bowl Commercial

Ram Renews Idea From YouTube For Captivating Super Bowl Commercial

Now that the Superbowl is behind us we can all start talking about the best commercials we saw. All over social media it seems the one that got the big win for the night was the excellent commercial from Dodge truck with photos of farmers. Great commercial indeed... but did you know that it was inspired by an idea posted to YouTube back in 2011 by Farms.com. I have shared them both below.

Here I have embedded the two commercials to view each one. As you can see they are both photos montages to the great talk by legendary radio talk show host Paul Harvey. The only difference in fact from the two commercials is the photos themselves and of course the production value of the Dodge commercial. While there were a few great commercials at the SuperBowl I am starting to wonder if in fact the commercials might just be a tad overrated. There was a couple good ones in the mix but all in all it was a pretty disappointing night.

Update: Looks like Dodge truck went about this the right way in fact. According to the Farms.com Facebook page every view the video receives helps raise money for the National FFA Organization. Hats off to Dodge! (Thanks Mark Kauzlarich for the heads up on that.)

Here's the commercial from Dodge Truck.

Here's the original one made by Farms.com

As the writer that posted this article on Fstoppers I want to extend an apology to those that felt like the original article title was unfair to Dodge. I have changed the title to one suggested by a reader.
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Patrick Hall's picture

Ha this is getting ridiculous.  You can't argue with him SW.  I see your point and it's pretty valid even though I don't take your personal world view.  When people like PRO resort to name calling and patronizing it's pretty safe to say they aren't very open minded in the first place.  Granted I don't know either of you personally (I don't think at least) but 9/10 when people start calling each other names they are beyond the point of a reasonable conversation.  Aight, let's get back to some photography!

Jorge Moro's picture

This was THE BEST commercial bar none.  Oh, and the half time show:  Boooooring

Mark Alameel's picture

for the record, I was also very upset over the original title of this
"article" but I didn't have time to complain earlier. However, I was
sure that I would be back to voice my concern. I don’t even comment that much
and this had me up in arms. There are people working hard that are being
accused of blatant plagiarism when you’re just too lazy (or busy, etc.) to do
minimal research.


seem to be in pursuit of rampant over-sensationalism than journalism or more
concerned being first to reposting than being correct, but then you’re just a
blogger. Fine, but then if you’re not going to do the research, it’s much
better to say that "Source X" is accusing "Somebody" of
plagiarism. Bloggers reposting bloggers is a recipe for disaster.


at the end of the day, I’m very happy that this was corrected. I felt that I
needed to still post in hopes that we get factually correct articles or at
least admit when we don’t know the facts, or if an article full of assumptions
is being passed along.


did the right thing in the end!



Keith Michael's picture

I loved this advertisement. Thanks for sharing!