Creating Composites With Multiple Exposures

Sometimes our creations behind the camera simply cannot be taken with just one frame, or perhaps you cannot travel to the destinations that would work perfectly with your concept. This is why some photographers choose to composite their images. Antti Karppinen shows off his most used composite image technique from his latest project "Kuopio Inspiration is a Force of Nature."

With the goal to have interesting lighting for the subject and the environment, multiple exposures were taken to light up the environment. You don't need a ton of lighting gear to accomplish this look, one strobe can be used for the environment while two were used for the subject. This is a great method to use if you do not own a lot of speedlights or strobes but you will want the scene to be well lit.

Once Karppinen is done with shooting all the exposures needed, the next step is to bring them together as a complete image. Using Photoshop to merge all the photos together, you paint in sections of each exposure with a mask on each layer above the base layer to reveal your final piece. Here’s another video by Karppinen showing his steps as he goes through the process.

You can check out more from this project via Karppinen's post on his blog.

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Great timing I'm trying to learn how to do this today so you could have not posted at a better time for m. I'm going to get it a try. Thanks.

Ignace Maenhaut van Lemberge's picture

Great and inspiring work but it's twice the same video.