Headshots of HBO's 'Games of Thrones' Actors Composited with Their Westeros Counterparts

Headshots of HBO's 'Games of Thrones' Actors Composited with Their Westeros Counterparts

Are you a fan of the HBO's hit series "Games of Thrones?" Have you ever wondered how different the actors actually look compared to their Westeros counterparts? Creative retoucher and digital artist Gianfranco Gallo complied an amazing set of work with his personal project to help us compare reality to fantasy.

Whether you are actually a fan of the show or not, I'm sure you have seen or heard of something about the television show. Looking at the show and photos from the series, I know there is a ton of work put into the sets and costumes to bring this show to life for us. Gianfranco, paired with Adobe Photoshop and his Wacom Intuos, brought us his 'Games of Thrones Characters in Real Life' set to show us how much work is put into to help bring these character out of George R.R. Martin's book into life.   

Jon Snow / Kit Harington

Jaime Lannister / Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Eddard Stark / Sean Bean

Daenerys Targaryen / Emilia Clarke

Cersei Lannister / Lena Headey

With some of these actors, you can see there is a great amount of work and wardrobe put into them, while some of the others look like they don’t have to go through as much work in becoming their characters. A few of them might even be unrecognizable to some of us. Not only did the makeup artist and costume designers on the set put in a great amount of work, but so did Gianfranco with this set. It's amazing to see how much work some of these retouchers and digital artist can do with a Wacom tablet. I am curious on how much time was put into each image. I have yet to venture into this type of digital artwork, but I have plans to jump in one day. I love cosplay and photography, so I have some plans to bring both together for some amazing compositions. If you haven't learned how to use a Wacom or similar type of tablet, I would recommend you try it out, and for more than a week. It's a bit rough at the beginning, but it does get easier to use if you give it a good try. I would also recommend not touching your mouse when you first give your tablet a go.

Arya Stark / Maisie Williams

Tyrion Lannister / Peter Dinklage

Sansa Stark - Sophie Turner

Petyr Baelish / Aidan Gillen

Which actor/character is your favorite in regards to their transformation? Would you be able to pick out the actors if you saw them on the street before seeing these images?

All images used with permission of Gianfranco Gallo.

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