How to Add Handwritten Text to Your Instagram Pictures

It’s been quite trendy in the past few months to see handwritten text composited onto images on Instagram. Perhaps you’ve been wondering how it’s done or maybe you’ve just been looking for a way to make your writing even more personalized. No matter the reason why you’re reading this article, if you want to give a more personal dimension to your images with handwritten text, be sure to watch this tutorial.

Rachel Gulotta and Daniel Inskeep from Mango Street regularly publish tutorials and videos with tons of tips on their YouTube channel. One of the most recent ones they created shows you how to add handwritten text to your images. Not only that, but they also talk about which pictures are best suited for such a composite and how to create the text yourself even if you’re not a calligrapher.

Before trying to get into the process, be sure you have everything they use. I know not all photographers have access to Illustrator. Something like Inkscape or Affinity Designer could replace it while not requiring a significant monetary investment.

If you want to see more tutorials like this one, be sure to subscribe to Mango Street YouTube channel. They have plenty more videos that show how to improve your photo editing and Instagram game.

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Very cool to see the process. I'm not excited enough to do that myself though. I wonder if anyone sells a font application that could connect from one letter to the next and cover all the possible letter combinations.

Search "handwriting font" and you'll find bunch of them. This one is pretty close to the video:

Ethan Chin's picture

A picture paints a thousand words so why not add one more?