Learn the Ultimate Rim Light Hack and Dig Through the Layers in This Photoshop Composite

In this video tutorial, watch as I take you through a layer breakdown of my Motorbike Rockstar image and also an amazingly easy rim light hack.

As the video starts, I first explain how this image came to be. I plan pretty much most of my images beforehand. But sometimes, I will find a random stock image online, like the look of it, and then create a whole piece around that one photo. And this is what happened here. I came across the photo of the main guy on Adobe Stock. I liked the unique look and started to formulate a story around that character. At first, I thought about maybe a circus theme, but that felt a little too over the top, so I then settled on the motorbike arena idea. I am not sure why, but maybe it was the tattoos and the jacket.

As the video continues, I begin to walk you through the layers. I have found this way of digging through and explaining each layer is a really cool way to show beginners how to use Photoshop and to also explain why certain techniques are used. Instead of rushing through a narrated time-lapse, I can really get into the meat and bones of the composite. Like the hack, I accidentally stumbled upon for quick and dirty rim light effect, it is so easy I cannot believe I did not think of it before. But you will have to watch the video to see it in action.

This video is great for anyone who enjoys digging through the layers of a photo manipulation and finding out why the specific techniques were used.

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Clinton Lofthouse is an Advertising/Entertainment photographer, creative artworker and Photoshop expert from the U.K. Specializing in composite and photomanipulation imagery.
When he is not chained to his desktop PC editing, Clinton likes to put on Synthwave music, wear Aviator sunglasses and pretend to be in an 80s movie.

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