See Each and Every Layer It Takes To Create a Large Composite in Photoshop

In this Photoshop layer breakdown, watch as I talk you through all the various Photoshop layers that it took to create this huge composite.

In the video, you will see the magic behind the layers. Because seeing large composites is quite normal now due to social media, people sometimes forget how much work goes into one image. Editing an image can be over quite quickly with some minor adjustments. But when you are a composite artist or photo manipulator, you are usually going to be editing for a couple of hours at the very least. As the tutorial starts, we see the background image that is the foundation of the whole creation. Choosing a good background sky is always key, and I like to choose a sky image with drama. Remember you are creating an exaggerated reality, the more drama, the better.

As the video moves along, you will see me talking through each and every layer. The bottom layers are usually the building layers. These are all the different elements brought in and then tone-matched and color-matched. This has to be done on every element, no matter what. From there, we move on to the blending layers; this is where we add realism to the composited parts. The more realistic you can get them to look, the more successful you will be. Finally, it is on to styling. This is where you give the image life and make it your own. Try adding your own signature look and feel.

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Clinton Lofthouse is an Advertising/Entertainment photographer, creative artworker and Photoshop expert from the U.K. Specializing in composite and photomanipulation imagery.
When he is not chained to his desktop PC editing, Clinton likes to put on Synthwave music, wear Aviator sunglasses and pretend to be in an 80s movie.

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