Top Three Hacks for Cutting Out Hair in Photoshop

In this video tutorial, watch as Dean Samed shows you how the top three hacks for cutting out hair in Photoshop. Each one is a great way to get those tricky hair cutouts mastered.

In the video, Samed starts by showing us how we achieve the main cut-out. We create two selections, one for the body and one for the hair. With some Refine Edge work on the hair, we join the selections and get a full body and hair cutout. We then move on to the three hacks.

In hack one, Samed Shows us how to deal with the pesky fringing that Refine Edge can give you when trying to cut out hair. And it is a very simple and efficient way of cloning the hair over the fringing on a separate layer.

As Samed continues, we see how just how quickly these hacks can be when he creates more flyaway hairs by simply using blend modes and levels. I have never seen this technique before, but I was surprised by how quickly it went and by how nice the effect was. For our third and final hack, Samed calls upon the power of brushes. With a good hair brush, you can create seamless hair within seconds. I have used many of these brushes myself in manipulations.

This tutorial is great for beginner and intermediate Photoshop artists who want to start creating better hair cutouts in their Photoshop photo manipulations. These hacks are very useful and very quick, which is a win-win.

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