Behind the Scenes Mountain Bike Photography Shoot Uses Elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Night

Every year Crankworx holds a Mountain bike event in Whistler, Canada that is a combination of downhill, slope-style and enduro competitions. They also host the Deep Summer Photo Challenge, where they put six photographers head to head, with the challenge to build a slide show that showcases mountain bike culture within Whistler. Watch this behind the scenes from Laurence Crossman Emms, as he explains the thought process behind his slide show that later becomes the viewers’ favorite.

The Deep Summer Photo Challenge gives six photographers a total of three days to shoot, edit, and build their slideshows. When they are done, they gather alongside one another to present their work to a massive crowd and a panel of judges. The winner that’s appointed by the judges, and the viewers’ choice winner, each take home $3500.

In this behind the scenes video we get to see how Laurence came up with the idea to incorporate fire, water, air, and night, along with how he executed each set of images. For fire, he uses a smoke machine along with some color geld flashes to mimic the forest being on fire. He then uses the sprinklers and hoses that are normally dedicated to fighting fires to bring water into his images. For air, he uses the mountain skylines and for night he uses a combination of astro photography and light painting.

Below is the final slide show from Laurence Crossman Emms, followed by the five other entries. Who do you think should have won?

Laurence Crossman-Emms - Crankworx Whistler Deep Summer Photo Challenge 2015

Gary Perkin 'The Ways Of Man' - Crankworx Whistler Deep Summer Photo Challenge 2015

Grant Robinson 'Ride For Your Life' - Crankworx Whistler Deep Summer Photo Challenge 2015

Ryan Worcester - Crankworx Whistler Deep Summer Photo Challenge 2015

Sam Needham 'Life is a Journey' - Crankworx Whistler Deep Summer Photo Challenge 2015

Tim Koerber - Crankworx Whistler Deep Summer Photo Challenge 2015

[via ISO1200]


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Liam Doran's picture

Awesome work...all of 'em!

Taylor Osborn's picture

Nice to see some MTB related photography on here lately. Last years entries were epic too. Can't wait to see what comes out of Rampage in October.

Kyle Zirkus's picture

That was awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Brian Reed's picture

I have to agree. This is some AWESOME stuff. I, too, am glad to see more biking stuff. I have worked with the Yellow Designs Stunt Team (Denver, Colorado) for quite a few years now myself. I love those guys. Greatest bunch of guys ever. So it is always a pleasure to see other photographers work.

kamlesh Sathiyanarayanan's picture

What kinda smoke machine is that? can you share the brand name?