Winner of the Profoto B1 Giveaway!

Winner of the Profoto B1 Giveaway!

If you recall, we partnered with Profoto USA this month to give away their new B1 TTL location light. The new Profoto B1 makes it easier than ever to use your flash off camera. With battery-power/ without cords, the 500w/s B1 goes wherever you go. Combining performance and the legendary Profoto light shaping system the B1 makes great light easy. We picked a random winner and it turned out to be Ryan Williams who isn't just a photographer, but a United States soldier actively deployed in Afghanistan. Ryan, we are happy to send you your new B1. Congratulations, and thank you for your service!

For more information on the Profoto B1 and accessories please visit

Didn't win? Don't fret. We will be hosting more contests all of 2014, so make sure to keep trying!

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Congratulations to Ryan for winning and also serving in the military.

Congrats Ryan!!! Thank you for your service!!!!

Love it, great to see it go to such a deserving entrant. Congrats Ryan, and thanks for everything you do for us back at home!!