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Today we are going to try something different. Instead of critiquing some of your best images, we are asking photographers to submit only images they have created during their quarantined time from this coronavirus pandemic. We aren't setting any specific genre so you can submit any type of photograph or art but we do ask you only submit images you have created in the last few weeks.

All entries must be submitted by April 8th at 11:45pm Eastern Time, and this time we are going to give away a free Fstoppers Tutorial to every submission selected for our critique episode. We will still leave voting open so we can see what you the community thinks of each image, but again, EVERY SINGLE IMAGE selected will win a free tutorial.

We can't wait to see what you come up with, and everyone from Fstoppers hopes you guys are staying safe and in good spirits during this difficult time.

  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 09 Apr 20 02:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 822 people have cast a total of 59,609 votes on 982 submissions from 683 contestants.
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The low voters are out already. NO, I don't think my images are 4 or 5-star images, but a 1-star rating is B.S.! I guess that is just to be expected in this forum. :(

I wouldn’t worry about it.. people are dicks, and no new found community spirit brought out by a deadly virus spreading across the earth is going to change it, the internet is the place to be for weasels.

It is the whole being anonymous thing too. It is easy to be a jerk when no one knows who is doing it.

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.

It happens

I totally agree. A year or two ago I tried posting photos on F stoppers, and within minutes, every time they all got one star. I got so discouraged I closed my account and left the site. Only recently did I try again. MY photos might not have been good, but I feel if you give a 1 star rating , you should also leave a reason and hint as to what would make it better.

I don't mind one or two stars. My picture is indeed a snapshot. A furtive moment captured during this crisis. No more, no less.

As your opinion would count Samantha, your Portfolio is what? empty! :D

Exactly. I have uploaded two photos, both of it got 1 star rating. Snapshot? I don't think my photos deserve more than 2 -2.5 stars, but 1? I'm relly curious why I got 1 star rating.

You must be a professional!
I would gladly see your photos to learn from them. But you haven't got any uploaded photos...

There's also nothing to be found on google or facebook =(

Based on the definition of the ratings, I don’t think you can call the cat picture a one star. The way it reads, basically anything that is done to setup, take, or post process is minimum a two star image. While that picture isn’t necessarily a good picture, it’s B&W and has a shallow depth of field. I mean people take these ratings way too seriously for something that should be looked at as fun, but based on the way things are worded, there are very, very few one star and five star images on the entire site.

Agreed it's stupid and wrong, but there are a few of us who refuse to rate anything lower than a 3 until we've revisited the "questionable" entry and caption a second or third time. Members of this exclusive Decency Union are usually the ones kind enough to find the time to compose a note with constructive criticism on my modest work. I'd offer you a membership, but I'm not on the screening committee yet (joking, you can send your dues to....)

Agree. I appreciate it when submitters took time to give some background and it might help if voters took time to read and consider said details. But it can be tough to cycle thru the tons of submissions on a phone.

I really wish that people would try to be more aware of the actual theme and only post relevant photos... this would cut down on the amount of irrelevant submissions and maybe make it easier to give well-considered ratings.

I also appreciate it when the guys at Fstoppers choose a variety of submissions, good and bad, that actually fit the theme best. This would encourage everyone in the future to stick to the theme. A thrid party who picks which 20 photos for the critique would add some variety and maybe keep Lee & Patrick a little more interested in the critique :-P

And anyone who is griping about a 1 star vote it might be because I docked a star if it was off-theme. I'm not saying that it is a bad photo, sometimes I am just using my vote to try to help keep the theme on track.
I personally don't have any photos that have ever been better than maybe a 2 star but I view low ratings as constructive criticism for how others who have completely different taste may view your/my work. Not everyone likes the Mona Lisa either, so don't take it personally in these contests!

Some people rate photos 1 or 2 stars because that's just what they do. However, in this contest, such ratings given because a person feels they're "off theme" shows failure to read what's expected of submissions. It's two sentences.

If parts of your comment means you did this, then you were unfair.

I would like you to visit my entries then. I am new to photography, constructive criticism is welcome.


Thats a bit kettle calling the pot black im afraid.. perhaps you should look closer to home before typing such a scathing assessment of someone elses work.


Dude it's really laughable at this point, I can say for sure ... If you give half of them the opportunity to prove why they gave said ratings they'd be stumped

For real now what is going on with the one star voters? At least if you give someone one star, write why his or hers photo dosnt work...

Honestly, it happens. I don't care about winning. Awarded with my shots taking the front cover of magazines is much more satisfying. People that have been voting a 1 or 2 on my picture probably can't count higher than that. You can't hold it against them haha

Totally agree. Not saying my photos are great but for some to vote a star is a little harsh. I used flash and focus stacking so is definitely a little more that a snapshot:)
Oh well, I still love seeing everyone’s photos and get inspired

I like your photos. I gave you a 5 to counter balance. Good images though.

Awww, thank you!

I gave you 5's for a few of the images on your page

Very kind of you 😊

Yeah, personally I don't see a single 1 star in any of your photos. Most seem to be solid portfolio pieces at worst.

Thank you. Trying to improve every day!

Well, your not alone who enjoys looking at everyone's photos (God, I can't even spell or what is wrong with that?)...don't let some A** ruin your day.

Maybe people downvote others pictures to be more likely to get into a video (and thus win a tutorial)

Thanks so much for listening! I appreciate this.

What quarantine?

Wow tough crowd lol. This is my first time submitting to any sort of contest. Idc about the rating but some feedback good bad or ugly would be nice....

Yikes, no wonder the coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. Half of these photos are outdoors in public places. People clearly don’t know what quarantine means?

The U.S. isn't under quarantine.

Well, this is a "submit your photos taken during quarantine" contest, so people not under quarantine must be cheating then? Otherwise, what's the challenge? The contest even specifies that for a change it is not looks for the best photos, but to "submit only images they have created during their quarantined time".

You can and it’s some what encouraged to stay active and to get outside, while remaining distant from people. Even in big cities

That’s true and I have to say that the newer submissions are far better than the earlier ones (in terms of what could have been shot while in quarantine). My reaction was to the earlier ones where many where shot in busier places that does not seem like the most responsible places to stay active and get some air.

The USA may not be under quarantine but thats because several states have not issued a stay at home order. The ones that have done such have closed down all non-essential businesses and thats why photographers have so much free time right now. Sadly the USA government sees us as non-essential

Yeah, I'm in Idaho and we're under the lunacy of a "lockdown". Funny how we are so willing to give up our rights in the pursuit of some illusion of safety.

Hope the community is keeping safe and well. This is a really good contest, I'm loving the entries so far. Big thanks to the Fstoppers team for giving away free tutorials to all that are chosen too.
Sorry to end this on a negative, but it does make me chuckle that when you first post an image the 3 and 4 stars flo... then leave it a few hours and people realise that it starts to get a little too high for their liking and they start putting in lower votes. Like many others, I'm not saying I have amazing images, but I do think that once your vote is cast you shouldn't be able to then change it once you're presented with the overall vote. Just a thought ;-)

Nope, you can change the rating after you’ve voted.

Now how did I know you would have replied with that...

I know that this can be done simply because I have tried it. I haven’t adjusted my ratings, although I have seen my rating change within seconds still with the same number of votes. Try it for yourself :-)

There is the matter of course That you were incorrect with your comment stating that I was incorrect, but no need for a retraction. My initial comment still stands in that you can change the rating after you’ve seen what the average rating is. Have a good day ;-)

I agree you shouldnt be able to change the rating after you give it! just think about it longer then before making the rating...

There is something I like in this community- that tiny little hiding camera owners who make my day with their 1 star votes 😂
Someone said -give a person a mask and you will know who he really is.

So why do you complain? If you can't handle the rating you probably shouldn't post any thing. I voted several picture in this contest 1 Star and don't need to hide from that. If you have a different opinion you can vote how ever you like, but attacking people for their free vote and opinion doesn't show much strength.

OK 😂

The trouble with your comment is you included 'and opinion'... nobody gives an opinion, they just downvote then disappear like rats.

Well of course there are people just beeing toxic, but answering that witch the same negativity will only perpetuate that cycle, especially if the people see that they can provoke a reaction.

Me personally im past caring, but i have every sympathy with people who complain because they took time to create an image, more time than the average iphone user will take.. then someone decides to drop in and rate their image as, and i quote 'a snapshot' without having to provide their reason.. its not constructive or valuable and its just degrading the community on this website.

I dont get how photography has managed to gain such a toxic online following, the 2 things just shouldn't be in the same space.

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