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Wildlife photography can be a tricky genre to critique. It's tempting to be impressed by images of exotic animals but are the animals themselves a reason to rate a picture highly? Take a look through our selections of for the latest episode of Critique the Community and see if your ratings match up with Lee, Patrick, and the rest of the Fstoppers Community.

This episode we are giving away two Fstoppers original tutorials to members who submitted images. The first winner, with the highest rated image by the Fstoppers community, is Andres Moline with his incredibly detailed image of a spider. The randomly chosen winner is Jeffrey KILMER with his image of a cardinal on a snowy day. Congratulations to both of you. We'll be in touch through your Fstoppers profiles to receive a tutorial of your choice. 

If you missed your chance to be a part of this episode of Critique the Community, you can submit to the next one now. Lee will be recruiting Mike Kelley to give feedback to your best architectural images. Mike has become one of the worlds most well known architectural photographers. If you'd like to learn more about his techniques, we've produced several architectural photography tutorials with him. See if you can impress him by uploading your best architectural image HERE

  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 29 Mar 18 03:30:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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  • Congratulations to the winners!

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Axel Cortez's picture

Regards my picture (turtle) was shot in Maui no strobed (left them at home xD) the turtle was I would say around 3 meters deep (10 ft) with a relatively strong current towards the wave barrier so I had to manoeuvre carefully not to touch it or harras the the subject as they would fine you for your life if the turtle is molested in any way.

Depth was around 6-10m (20-30ft) the corals were a little bit bleached, but it was more an issue of lack of light as I had to bump the reds to get the correct colour of the turtle

Camera was a 7D with nauticam housing zen dome port 4" tokina 10-17mm lens

Thomas Tarner's picture

Curious how the critiques were picked? I saw a mixture of good, great, and to be nice so so images in there. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to which ones make the cut. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the process, and would have loved to have seen one of my images in there. Oh well, it was still entertain to watch and take part in. Better luck next time around. ;)

David Strauss's picture

The photos are intentionally picked to have a range from low to high ratings with more emphasis on the higher rated images. We try to incorporate a good variety of shots to offer as wide a critique as possible.

Joshua Johnson's picture

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to critique my shot. My image was the second to last - the barred owl in flight. It is a single image. Exif: Sony a7ii | 55mm Zeiss Prime | f2.2 | ISO 640 | 1/1250s and all natural lighting. It was shot in manual focus with a lot of patience and a little bit of luck. His face and side are lit by a setting sun's reflection off of the creek below as he flies underneath the canopy of a bald cypress tree in my backyard and towards another branch that is also positioned over the water. The tree that he launched from directly behind it is one of his favorite sunset fishing spots. Hope that offers some clarity! :) here is a link to a screenshot of the RAW image:

Samten Norbù's picture

Hey guys, thank you so much for picking my picture !
So, I'll break the mystery of the light on it (the horse).
As David suggested it would be awesome to be able to replicate this to make a series of it ...
Unfortunately it was really a matter of luck with the last ray sun on a late afternoon in the mountain on a clouded sky.
I even didn't attend to do a wildlife shoot this day (it's definitively not even my field of photography).
I was on this location for a hike and for once I took my camera (witch I usually never do when I don't have the purpose of shooting).
The sunset was also pretty dope though ;)

Thank's again for your review, I really appreciate you comments !

Andy Squib's picture

Hey! :) Really big thanks for picking my picture, I was very happy to see it between so many other fantastics works. So my butterfly, actually everything was in the RAW file, most of editing was sharpening, curves and adding vibrance. It was shoot with... (just please dont laugh) cheap lens Yongnuo 50mm at f14, with even cheaper macro filter, with I accidentally dropped, now it is broken in the corner, thanks to which it catches nice flares. Light by external flash with a small softbox held in left hand. I know, it sounds stupid, I never wanted to take bugs shots but since the first one it turned out that it gives a lot of fun. And the equipment really doest matter so much, it's more patience :)
Thank's againg guys, I love your work on the website and channel, so see you around :)

Lorenzo Planchart's picture

how to sub a pic

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