Alien Skin Software Winter Sale

Alien Skin Software Winter Sale

Alien Skin Software are currently having a winter sale through to the 20th of this month, with savings of 20 percent or more on all their products.

Alien Skin's flagship product, Exposure X3, which Fstoppers reviewed in January, is on sale now with a 20 percent discount.

Exposure X3 is a start-to-finish raw photo editor which integrates well with Adobe Photoshop when round-tripping, but also works as a plugin for a variety of photo editing platforms, including Photoshop. Alien Skin have built a solid reputation on having probably the best film grain emulator around, and now with Exposure X3, they are doing well to compete with the raw photo editors of Lightroom, Luminar, and Capture One. With Alien Skin, there are no subscription fees; once you buy their products, you own them.

Winter deals by Alien Skin Software; makers of Exposure X3 raw photo editor
Alien Skin Winter Sale. Image by Scott Robert-Lim.

All of their other products are also available at decent discounts, including:

  • Blow Up for creating high-quality enlargements.
  • Snap Art for transforming photographs into beautiful pieces of artwork.
  • The Exposure X3 Bundle integrates Exposure, Blow Up, and Snap Art for a low price.
  • Eye Candy for graphic design special effects.

Those wishing to upgrade from Exposure X2, or any of the other products mentioned above, can also avail of a special upgrade discount.

Also of note, Alien Skin plans to release a major update to Exposure X3 next month. Details will be announced soon.  

Lead image by Scott Stulberg. Article image by Scott Robert-Lim.

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Patrick Hall's picture

I've been using Alien Skin's Exposure software for at least 10 years now...I can't speak highly enough about it. If you are the type of person who wants to add a polished look to your images yet don't always know the direction that look should go, Exposure is such a powerful and flexible tool. Every image you've ever seen of mine has some form of Alien Skin thrown on it.

Mike O'Leary's picture

Their presets are a fantastic starting point if you're feeling stuck. So many to choose from and they render extremely fast when just hovering over them with your cursor.