Best Deal Right Now: 4K 60p and up to 187 MP Raw Images for $1,800

Best Deal Right Now: 4K 60p and up to 187 MP Raw Images for $1,800

Sometimes, you come across one of those deals that forces you to seriously consider dropping everything, switching brands, and jumping in on something new. This half-off deal could be it. It's a tough move, but I'm thinking about it.

Right now, B&H has the refurbished Panasonic Lumix DC-S1R for $1,862.12. Currently out of stock, but still orderable with "more on the way" in the next few days, the S1R is seen as Panasonic's mirrorless industry disruptor. That may sound extreme to some, but it was the first full-frame mirrorless camera to offer 4K video at 60 fps and comes with a high-density 47.3 MP, 5.5-stop-stabilized sensor.

Yes, you may need to get some new lenses to go with your new camera purchase. But a $2,000 head start on the price of a pro-level body could be enough to tempt anyone, especially if you've been waiting for the next generation of mirrorless cameras to come out before switching. This deal rewards you pretty handsomely for jumping on board now.

For still images, sensor shifting allows for 187 MP raw images. Class-topping weather sealing, Leica L-mount, CFexpress and XQD card support, 9 fps full-resolution still shooting, ISO 100-25,600 — this really is a $4,000 camera for under $1,900. And that's hard to pass up. What do you think? Time to jump on Panasonic's full-frame mirrorless?

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Technically not 4K60 full frame.
1.09x crop.
Also, it's been $3,700 for a while and I believe it was on sale new for $3,000.

You can get a refurbished Z7 body for $2199 (or $2699 with the 24-70/4) right now. $350 more but access to far more lenses (or continue using your own if you already shoot Nikon). Depends on your needs, obviously - S1R would be better for video.

A refurbished Z6 is only $1349. That's a killer deal too.

While a lot of digital ink has been spilt discussing the Nikon and Canon response to Sony, the real game changer should be the Panny-Leica-Sigma triumvirate. Bodies and lenses with a blend of tradition and cutting edge technology. As someone who shot Sony (and Minolta, RIP) for years before and during mirrorless, PLS has an enormous opportunity for market share. Sigma lenses that are not reverse engineering the AF system? Panny making their traditionally rugged bodies with excellent ergonomics in FF? And the pleasure (and aspirations of) using Leica glass natively? If I get away from Fuji, Sony has a strong competitor in PLS.

The L-Mount Alliance so far has been tons of potential and next to nothing in terms of substance.

Sigma continues to produce the same lenses for other systems that they're creating for the L-Mount so there's nothing special there.
Panasonic has precious few lenses with barely a trickle on the horizon.
Sigma's L-Mount foveon body has yet to materialize.
Anything Leica is pretty expensive so it'll likely be out of range of the average user.

I was excited for this when they first announced it, but it seems like a pretty weak overall effort across the board. Maybe Olympus and Pentax should get on board so a tiny trickle of products from all of them combined will actually make a good overall system.

Even the non-Leica lenses are incredibly expensive and huge (like the typical Sigma Art lenses). AFAIK, there's not even a "nifty fifty" (under $1000, light-weight, small). The closest is the Sigma 45/2.8 (which looks like a great little lens), but too slow to be considered a "nifty-fifty."

The 24-105/4 is like $1300 - or $900 bundled with camera. That's the cheapest standard zoom available.

And aside from the Sigma 45, all of the current and forthcoming primes are huge. Even the Panasonic branded ones are huge and expensive ($2300 for a 50/1.4).

Just not sure what the plan is here.

This is why I loved Nikon's strategy of releasing affordable, incredible IQ, small primes without obsessing over f/1.4 vs f/1.8 and giving us nice compact standard zooms like the 24-70/4. And then rolling out the bigger, more expensive lenses later like a 50/1.2 and 85/1.2. That tells me, as a prospective buyer, I have choices.

With Panasonic, it seems like my choices are huge and expensive with no other options on the horizon.

The S1H would be tempting in this price range... 🙂

What about the R-word, though? It's technically a used camera, isn't it? This avenue to accessing a higher class of gear is tempting, but ultimately feels like gambling with my meager amount of play money.

Still, I appreciate the information on different options in gear. Thank you for the article.

This thing just came out and there's already refurbished bodies with more on the way?

Exactly... "more on the way" makes it sound like the things got returned because they weren't what people expected or the cameras broke.

Phew! I'm glad I'm not alone on this thought. :)

If I had an endless budget, I'd get one for the novelty. But there are too many other choices out there with extensive lens options that make this offering a non-starter for me.

The body is huge, heavier than a dslr, the performance kind of disappointing compared to Sony, no lenses, and even the ones that exist are overpriced and oversized. We don't even know if the system has any legs or panasonic will just pull out. Not that tempting at all.

What's with the 12 cents? Not even 29, or 99? I'd love to see the spreadsheet that led to that final figure.

Better Deal Fuji Xt3 and a lens plus a Godox flash for less! Also not sure the 187mp images would qualify as doable every time maybe 1 out of 6. even at half price I don't think a refurbished unit is a good deal its a used LEMON.