Buy a One-Year Creative Cloud Photography Plan and Get a $30 B&H Gift Card

Buy a One-Year Creative Cloud Photography Plan and Get a $30 B&H Gift Card

The vast majority of us are on a Creative Cloud plan of some sort for our photography and/or videography work. Right now, if you purchase a one-year subscription for the Creative Cloud Photography Plan, you'll also get a $30 B&H gift card.

The one-year Creative Cloud Photography Plan comes with both Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC as well as 20 GB of cloud storage to use for syncing edits across devices. The plan also enables full Lightroom Mobile usage and ensures you get the latest versions of all the included software as new updates are released. A subscription is currently priced at $9.99 a month (or $119.88 per year), but if you purchase it through B&H, they'll also include a $30 gift card. If you plan to just do photography work with Adobe software, this is the right subscription to have, and with the gift card offer, it's a great deal, so get yours today! 

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Jedi Master's picture

Ive left adobe and took my family with me. Also helped a friend make the transition. Adobe will not get another cent from me. Greedy bastards with their sub service. I still use cs6 ps but also have been learning affinity for 3 montha now and by the end of the year will be adobe free. Too muxh is too much. Also be aware there are many adobe reps online trying to downplay adobe haters.

Ramon Crivelli's picture

I Pay 36 dollars for the Adobe Photography Plan. Its super cheap and one of the best investment i have ever done.

Tino C's picture

Does it include the truckload of bugs introduced with Lr 7.3?

Jedi Master's picture

It also would make my computer (which is pretty new with high end specs) come to a crawl

Jeff McCollough's picture

Can I do this if I want to renew my plan?