The Fstoppers Flash Disc Will Sell Out In Europe Today Forever

The Fstoppers Flash Disc Will Sell Out In Europe Today Forever

We created the Fstoppers Flash Disc two years ago as the most portable and convenient softbox for speedlights on the market. We currently sell Flash Discs on Amazon US, B&H, and Amazon UK, which ships to the entire EU. Amazon UK only has 11 Flash Discs left in stock. When they are gone, the Flash Disc will no longer be available in Europe. 

Flash Disc sales in the US outperform sales in Europe by seven to one. When we add in the extra cost of shipping product to the UK, paying extra import taxes, hiring a local accountant to handle income and sales tax, and Brexit (which will cause Amazon UK to stop shipping to other EU countries at a reasonable rate), we can't afford to continue selling Flash Discs in Europe. 

If you own a camera store in Europe and want to sell Flash Discs locally or throughout Europe, we may still be still interested in selling bulk orders to individual buyers, but we will not be actively looking for distributors. 

If you're a photographer in the EU and you want a Flash Disc, today may be your last chance to buy one locally. But of course if you live in the US, you can continue buying Flash Discs at Amazon or B&H.

If you're not familiar with the Flash Disc, you can watch the Promo below.

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Roland Hinueber's picture

Hello, in case I see it right and Germany still belongs to Europe ;-) your FlashDisk is still available @ See:

Yep, I think they are the last company in Europe selling them.

Emmanuel Vivier's picture

I bought 2 and they are so great! Super compact, solid and much nicer than the bare flash!

The chinese will continue to sell "Flash Discs" to Europeans. At 1/4 the price.

Chris Demadura's picture

Speaking of which, I got one of the Chinese ones just to compare to the real ones, and they are noticeably worse quality.

I did that too. And I don't think it would have cost much to make it decent. But they probably copied it from photos, rather than the actual item.

I bought a copy when I heard this news, and to be honest, I can't tell the difference between the copy and my original - which I have to say is a truly excellent bit of kit that I trust enormously. That said, I've not used the copy in anger, whereas the original gets used whenever I need portability - so for all my event work.

Fritz Asuro's picture

Trust me, this is one of the best speedlight modifier if you need a mobile softbox. Here below I shot Victoria's Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio. It can do the job!

*To Lee and Patrick, I hope there's a way I can suggest how to improve the durability of your product. I love it, but I'm on my 4th Flash Disc now, event photography is really killing it fast.

omg that's probably the best promo shot for the flashdisc I've seen.

Fritz Asuro's picture

Thanks! I have been amazed by it since when you guys introduced it in your wedding tutorial video. I was glad when you start selling it through Amazon US.
Thumbs up to you guys!

Anonymous's picture

They are gone from amazon ....

Yep. All sold out

Shane Castle's picture

I bought three last year when they came back to the UK site and gave one away as a present. I have used mine the same way that Fritz Asuro uses his, but I don't have a nifty little handgrip like he does. I will look into that. I also have the Westcott Pocket Box kit and the Lastolite EzyBox Speed-Lite, but the FlashDisc is far more packable.

Fritz Asuro's picture

In the photo, I just have it in a lightweight monopod. But now I bought this stick from Japan which is way lighter and designed as a stick for speed lights.

John Sheehan's picture

The Flash Disc has saved my butt a couple of times. I got it on a lark, but it's actually a good product. It's now on the strap of the bag I keep my speedlites in, and I take it with me all the time.

I love mine for macro work.