Great Deal on Canon 70D Bundle with Printer, Lens & Battery Pack

Great Deal on Canon 70D Bundle with Printer, Lens & Battery Pack

B&H is offering a pretty darn good deal on the Canon 70D, one of my favorite DSLRs for shooting video due to the awesome Dual Pixel sensor. Right now it, a lens, a battery pack, a bag, a memory card and a printer is down to $1,154 after a $400 mail-in rebate. Not too shabby for a darn fine APS-C camera. Plus the flip out screen is super helpful. [via B&H]

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Thats a pretty good deal considering the lens is about $500 and the printer $400. I've bought several canon cameras in bundles like this then sold the stuff I didn't need to offset the cost. You could easily end up paying $500 for the 70D body after the dust settles.

On a related note... can they put that Dual-Pixel AF sensor into a 6D MK II so I can finally have a full frame camera under $2k that can focus reliably?

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That's for sure going to happen. Based on how Canon rolls out new features, they test them in the consumer bodies before moving up. It's already in the C100.

I just want a flip out screen on a "pro" body. The hesitancy to put it on them because it appears "amateur" is preposterous. That screen is the most useful thing on the camera outside of that sensor.

So true. I went from 60D to 6D and miss the flip out screen. Tempted to buy the 70D as a second camera but already have the M. Holding out for a new M and a new 6D.

Probably a hint that new gear is on it's way.