Jerry Ghionis On Common Photographer Fears and Pitfalls

Jerry Ghionis On Common Photographer Fears and Pitfalls

What do you get when you mix a little Australian photographer Jerry Ghionis with NJ Wedding Photographer Vanessa Joy? A conversation that talks about mastering the art of photography all in a half hour audio interview about common photographer fears and pitfalls. Jerry talks about his climb from his family losing their home to where he is today with nothing but a fierce passion and work ethic in his pocket.

Jerry's journey has been through almost every aspect of portrait and wedding photography from learning in the darkroom and carrying another photographer's bags for two years, to running a volume-style successful photography studio doing 100 weddings a year and now offering a more boutique service at a higher price. His wide range of expertise and life experiences makes him an incredible photographer, knowledgeable teacher and definitely someone that I enjoy learning and gaining inspiration from.

Listen in to hear how Jerry tells us how you can wow your clients with just a little MacGyver in you. 

Jerry is coming to a city near you in his first ever solo tour of 33 North American cities. FStoppers get $10 off registration at with the code HTWFS. 

Find more of Jerry’s work at and more about Vanessa Joy at

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This is just what I needed to hear at the perfect time.
Very much enjoyed this!