KelbyOne Launches New Subscription Plan: 300+ Courses for $10 a Month

KelbyOne Launches New Subscription Plan: 300+ Courses for $10 a Month

Internationally acclaimed nature and travel photographer Richard Bernabe said, “KelbyOne offers the best and most comprehensive photography instruction on the internet. No question.” However, KelbyOne’s Pro Plan was out of the reach of some aspiring photographers, which is why they cherry-picked over 300 of their top online courses and created a new subscription tier called the Plus Plan for $9.99 a month. If you just wanted to try it out, you could binge watch a whole bunch of classes including a ton of Photoshop and Lightroom courses for 30 days since you can cancel anytime.

We spoke with KelbyOne CEO Scott Kelby about this new plan and he told us, “We hear from people all the time that tell us they’ve been watching free tutorials and videos but they’re just not seeing a real difference in their images. They really want our level of education but our Pro Plan is just too much for them right now. So, we created this new plan at half the price to give them a way to learn from over 100 world-class instructors and start getting results right away.”

If you do the math that’s less than $0.04 a class for a level of training that Steve Brazill of This Week in Photography called “the standard by which all online training is judged.”

The new KelbyOne Plus Plan launches today.

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David Strauss is a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC.

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Kelby is still around?

according to the odd emails here and there in my inbox, I think they are....but they do seem out of time.

I never understood phenomena of Scott Kelby and his products. I guess maybe I got to him when I was already too far on my photography journey. I can see how his classes and guides can be appealing and quite useful to beginner photographers. But then there is a whole bunch of seasoned folks who just seem to be following a bit of a cult. At least that's how I feel.

Last picture in the article is a great example of something I do not get. Class titled "A photographer's guide to New York City." OK, so they present probably few spots (beaten to the death by all photogs) and how to take a picture of Lady Liberty from SI Ferry. Just guessing. In all fairness I did not check this class out. What I can tell however that this is a gimmick as I've been photographing NYC for few years now and I don't think I either touched the surface of the subject nor started fully understanding this place as a photographer.

Oh well, not trying bash old Kelby here. I'm just amazed how his business model keeps rolling.

IMO, Sue Bryce Education offers the best and most comprehensive photography instruction online.

KelbyOne could have been useful, but they constantly promote plagiarism, so they're off my list. Not to mention how total amateurs sit there and give professional advice to newbies on their forum. It's a disgrace to photography. Just read the reviews on GlassDoor; eye opening. Some pro's promote them because they have classes there and do it for themselves, but the problem is that no one actually follows their advice. There is no talk or respect for licensing, creativity, or work ethic. They have people come in the forum asking what settings to use for weddings. people who don't even understand white balance. If you want to learn photography, etc go to Bryan Peterson's school,, or other legitimate venues. Lowering the prices for those classes only devalues them further. The classes are also incomplete leaving viewers confused and looking for the "rest" of that class. It's a shame.

Exactly, they also have classes showing Paris, Venice, etc., basically teaching to shoot one location to death so everyone comes home with the same picture which is against common sense and art/creativity. Nothing original is respected or promoted.