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Protect Your Gear With This Great Deal on a Pelican Case Today Only

Protect Your Gear With This Great Deal on a Pelican Case Today Only

Pelican cases are the choice of a vast range of professionals who need to transport their gear through a variety of conditions and trust that it will arrive safely, despite whatever bumps, water, or anything else it might encounter along the way. Today only, you can get a Pelican case for almost half off.

Pelican cases are the choice of the vast majority of professionals, as they offer highly rugged protection that you can trust to take care of your fragile gear. I've owned two Pelicans for almost a decade now, and they've gone everywhere from being dragged down brick streets in Paris to torrential downpours, and my gear has never even seen a scratch. Today only, B&H is taking $100 off the Pelican iM2500 case, which comes with full padded dividers for easy organization. One particularly noteworthy aspect of the iM2500 is that it is maximum carry-on size, making it easy to keep as much of your gear safe and nearby when traveling as possible. It also comes with a stowable handle and wheels for easy transport. Altogether, it is a great deal on an industry-standard piece of equipment for protecting your gear. You can get yours for just $129 here.

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aaaaaand it's gone!

yup, sold out in all colors.

seriously, if you need a case on a budget take a look at your local Harbor Freight store. I've been using a couple and they are good and cheap.