Ten Hacks for Your Camera in Less Than 100 Seconds

Photographers and cinematographers sometimes find themselves in the middle of a shoot wishing they had some piece of equipment to get that shot just right. Whether a gimbal has broken or the light just isn't cooperating, sometimes you just need a creative solution to make the image you visualize in your head. Vlogger and Photographer Hayden Pedersen has put together a video with some clever hacks to help you create the shot you want — video or still — when you might not have exactly the right piece of equipment to accomplish it. And, best of all, you can see them all in less than two minutes. 

Using nothing more than household items and thinking a little outside the box, Pedersen shows us some hacks that can be extremely useful, and I plan to make them a part of my creative process. The fishing line flare trick is so simple, yet effective. 

Others didn't appeal to me as much; I cringed at the thought of putting petroleum jelly anywhere near the front of my lens even with a UV filter in place, and I didn't really get why he put that tripod like that, but there looks to be at least a few useful hacks for just about any photographer or cinematographer. 

Do you have a nifty trick you used to get that killer shot? Tell us your best hacks in the comments below.

[via Hayden Pedersen]

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user-156929's picture

I'm definitely going to use a couple of them. Thanks!

Peter Gargiulo's picture

Fishing line lens flare is probably the coolest. A few of the others can be handled in PS.

Jaran Gaarder Heggen's picture

old school film technics :-)
Good to see them be used in this "techo" days...


A friend of mine used to use roller blades for panning shots because he didn't have access to a dolly. it worked great, and would probably be even better with today's stabilization technology.

Brian Pernicone's picture

That's pretty clever.

Most excellent!