Escaping Reality - 'Indlandsis' is the Journey of a Truly Passionate Photographer

Photography has a different meaning to almost every photographer. We may learn from one another but it is our style and vision that makes us unique to the the others out there. In this video, Paul Zizka travels out to Greenland to photograph the beauty of the "big white island," a place that not many get to see.

In the video he explains what brings him out there and why he is so interested in photographing such a place. While capturing these beautiful, bigger than life landscapes, Paul emphasizes the importance of adding the human element to his photography to help create a sense of scale and vulnerability for the viewer. On his journey, he searches for ice caps, waits for the aurora and camps out in the freezing cold as he travels day by day through this country. 

Paul explains that visiting this location isn't very common and that there are a lot of things that can go wrong as he is pretty much on his own with his small crew. He was driven to photograph Greenland because of his love for these wild places. As the video goes on, he continues to speak about how it is nice to get away from the real world and be out in the wilderness where there is no internet, social media or option to edit photos and post them. To him, this is something that takes him back to his roots and reminds him why he started photography in the first place.

As a photographer myself, I can really appreciate this because as I said before, photography has a different meaning for everyone and to see Paul travel this far to document the Ice and Landscape out in Greenland really takes a lot. He mentions that the only way to photograph a place like this is to actually go out and spend the time doing it; he even speaks about how he is taking a risk being out there that he misses his family more and more each day.

The most important thing for Paul is how he is able to go somewhere and be stuck with his own thoughts and creative process as it inspires him to just shoot what he finds interesting. The idea of finding yourself as a photographer does require time and I think that this video should be a message to anyone looking to pursue something with photography. We can all go out there and find something we like to do, but the most important part is the reason behind us doing it. Without that, what are we doing it for?

For more of Paul's work, check out his website.

I am a huge nerd when it comes to drones and have been flying for over 4 years. I enjoy doing aerial photography as my personal work but shoot tons of video for work as well. I am a part of Simply Visual Productions and Simply Sounds, working my way into an industry I couldn't be happier to be a part of.

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some people need their "lone wolves" moments. and that's when their work is the best.
very inspiring. could have kept watching for another 10 mins easily.

Definitely inspiring, amazing to see what people will do to photograph something they want.

"Truly passionate"? How about Truly and maybe Terminally stupid.
NO safety rope in use by the crevasse. No safety gear we can see at all. No safety gear as he is on the ice with the camera in the water at the polynya or area of thin ice. Fall in and get soaked and he's in hypothermia with little chance of survival unless those doing the video work get out and warmed fast.
He is working for photographs and will end up endangering the lives of those with him when he stands in the wrong place and the ice gives way.
He is terminally dangerous as well as stupid. Worse, he is endangering those with him and encouraging others to do this.

I'm sure he prepared for this trip and knew what it required to go out to a place like this before actually going out and doing it.

There's always that guy that has something negative to say, no matter how good the work is.

I completely agree

That guy is mental! But I'm glad he's bringing the pictures so that I can see what Greenland is like without having to go there myself. I wouldn't last a second in that weather.

crazy for sure, but very amazing stuff to see! No way I would last in that weather haha

absolutely stunning

Not stupid-just take a look at his body of work, innovation at the highest level in extreme environments and most difficult working conditions. A skilled explorer-what most would view as risk taking is to Paul Zizka a precisely calculated risk.

His work is awesome. It takes a lot to go out and do a project like this but the photos he comes back with are amazing.