Photographer Attracts 120,000 Instagram Followers With Her Nude Self-Portraits Taken Across the Globe [NSFW]

Photographer Attracts 120,000 Instagram Followers With Her Nude Self-Portraits Taken Across the Globe [NSFW]

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Instagram has always been a tricky one where nudity is concerned; “Free the Nipple” movement, anyone? But Los Angeles-based photographer Magdalena Wosinka has garnered much attention after posing naked in a series of snaps taken across California.

Wosinka has pretty much all bases covered in terms of where she takes her self-portraits: beaches, rivers, cliff-tops – you name it. In some photos she is seen leaning over a balcony, whilst in others she is draped over rocks and fences, or walking through fields with horses.

✨Santa Fe✨ ✨@ariellepytka✨ ✨#theexperiencevol1 ✨

A post shared by 📷Magdalena Wosinska🎥 (@themagdalenaexperience) on Dec 31, 2016 at 10:37am PST

Largely a lifestyle and advertising photographer, Wosinka lists Ford, Microsoft and Target as some of her clients. In explaining the reasoning behind the decision to begin the series of nude photos that has amassed her a following of more than 120,000, she says, “It’s pretty simple: It’s just timeless. No one can tell what status, class or group you belong to in the nude.”

She added: “It’s thought out, composed and takes a bit longer than a snapshot. I’ve been shooting self-portraits since 1999 so that’s kind of when it all started then flourished into a series well before Instagram. Then when the app came along and I decided to join, I started showcasing the work there as well.”

Windy Daze #theexperiencevol1

A post shared by 📷Magdalena Wosinska🎥 (@themagdalenaexperience) on Dec 11, 2016 at 7:12am PST

Take A Walk On The Wild Side #theexperiencevol1

A post shared by 📷Magdalena Wosinska🎥 (@themagdalenaexperience) on Nov 15, 2016 at 2:06pm PST

Mountain High #theexperiencevol1

A post shared by 📷Magdalena Wosinska🎥 (@themagdalenaexperience) on Sep 26, 2016 at 10:05am PDT

If you’d like to check out Wosinka’s regular work, you can view her website, or see more of this project on her Instagram.

[via Daily Mail]

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Leigh Miller's picture

Not that I mind...but anytime you put a naked woman (big, medium or small...) you are going to attract all kinds of followers.

naked women will always be interesting..

Ingemar Kenyatta's picture

Not all naked women. If we're being honest.

Dan Howell's picture

this work is very pedestrian compared to the work of Miru Kim who puts herself into much more ambitious and compelling environments and goes on to take compelling images there.

Tom Lew's picture

I immediately thought of Miru but couldn't remember who it was so thanks for the reminder!! Yeah.. 2 different levels entirely.

David Stephen Kalonick's picture

Thought the same exact thing! Miru Kim is an unbelievable artist.

Brian Brown's picture

I would have to agree with you on this…

Jessica Jones's picture

I applaud her bravery and also the patience that goes into any kind of self portrait, but nude photos on Instagram are a dime a dozen these days. It is almost hard to take a photographer seriously because they are exonerated from having to create decent work, and rely on the fact that there is a nude woman in the photo to receive recognition and followers. Surely I am one of the few that think this way because this kind of work is so popular.

Chris Dikos's picture

Well, that's one way to do it.

If instagram is what you want to be famous for this is the way to go.......nude selfies seem to be promotional and that all

Robert Callahan's picture

I love how everyone is giving her crap like she only became popular because she is nude and has no artistic value. Even the title of the article hints heavily at that. Look at the Fstoppers community popular photos...a ton of gorgeous women, some in beautiful photos that are well put together, but some that didn't require much artistic value other than finding a super attractive model. People are drawn to beauty, the human body can be beautiful, and the most fundamental form of photography is to capture a moments beauty. Yes she's nude and I'm sure that has brought a lot of creeps on IG to her page, but people discounting her success and artistry because of that fact may need to reevaluate a few things.

Leigh Miller's picture

A bit heavy on the holier than thou thing....not everyone who is attracted to a female's body should be classified as a creep.

Using the "same" metric you quoted, it should be obvious that it doesn't really matter what the so-called artistic application may be. People will always be attracted to a naked woman and it doesn't matter what else is in the frame.

Just so we are clear, most men & boys I know will follow that IG just to get their daily dose of naked woman...and don't care where she is or how she poses.

BUT...we shouldn't be amazed at the following she got by showing skin. I bet just about any woman can do that without the "art".

Ain't mad at her though...

Robert Callahan's picture

I didn't even insinuate that people who are attracted to a female body is a creep...I'm attracted to a females body. I said I'm sure some of her audience on IG consists of creeps, ie, people that are commenting about sending d*ck pics and getting her prego, all that stuff. Read the comments, you'll see that they are there. I'm only trying to urge people not to discount her artistic expression just because her butt is in it as well. Didn't mean to sound holier than thou at all man, sorry if it came off that way.

I have so many ideas for Instagram....if I were a woman. Being female and hot (and smart of course) is certainly an advantage.

Spy Black's picture

It's great to be young and beautiful. I don't understand why she keeps covering her breasts. If you're gonna be naked, be NAKED!

Brian Schmittgens's picture

She covers them because Instagram doesn't allow female nipples. They're sinful and offensive (unlike the much more family appropriate male nipples), so we need to be saved from them.

ananta cuffee's picture

This is my favorite comment of the day!

I was very ready to write this off as just another shooter using sex to get instagram famous, but then I went to her website. Her work is totally solid, diverse, and extensive. She must be quite a prolific artist due to the sheer size of her portfolio. I'm still not sure that her self portrait nudes are interesting in any way other than the obvious ones, but I am sure that she's a heck of a talented photographer! Very cool.

Sadly, nobody wants to see my nude self portraits. I don't know if you could get negative followers but I might be able to make that possible.

Sr. Puig's picture

Como experto fotógrafo puedo afirmar que las fotos eróticas deben su éxito
principalmente a las modelos semidesnudas.

Sr. Puig's picture

As an expert photographer, I can state that erotic photos owe their success mainly to half-naked models. I' so sorry to see just naked girls and not anything else in all these super popular pictures and there for photographers. I guess what consumers want to see. The honey is not for the donkey to taste.

sin duda!

Zach Alan's picture

I don't think anyone here is surprised by the follower count.

Daniel LittleThunder's picture

While I'm not very impressed with her nude IG photos, her website is pretty great. She is obviously a very talented and devoted young photographer. I think that photographers like Lexi Parks, Yung Cheng Lin, and Miru Kim take much more interesting nude selifies. The human form will forever be interesting. It's genetically hardwired into us. It's the life of our species and a beautiful thing, especially when its young, fit and full of life. These photos are okay, and so is her Instagram, but her real skill isn't just her fit body and self's in the sense of adventure and love of life you get from looking at her images. Visit her's pretty great.

Mike Kelley's picture

Damn, I finally figured out what was missing from my architectural photography. My naked body!

Jim Bolen's picture

Maybe you just found your niche in life...
But please warn us before you do. ;-)

Karsten Helmholz's picture

While we are on the subject of other female photographers doing nude self portraits: Check out Flora P's work.

Sennia Kyle's picture

lol I think the title of this article could just as well have been "breaking news: soccer balls are round".

That said I do like the photos, they're interesting and much better than typical instagram selfies.

Trevor Schneider's picture

Don't think I would attract quite the same amount of

But of course!!!!!