A Visual Year in Under Two Minutes

This incredible year-long project by the 70 photojournalism students of Rochester Institute of Technology plays to the depths of photography in light, movement, emotion, and connection — Ideas laid out in short photographic bursts that create tangible emotions for the viewer to experience alongside the subjects in the photographs. In under two minutes we see nearly 100 stories, each on the screen for a second or less.

These images tell stories, and they do it in such a fleeting moment. Did you care how sharp or in focus they were? This leads me back to something we, as photographers, always have to come to terms with. Whether shooting weddings, concerts, landscapes, or a small family session, the moments are what matter. 

We are constantly bombarded with amazing new gear, cutting-edge techniques, pixel peeping, test charts, and the overall race to create better photographs every time we shoot, but what we many times fail to remember is that we are supposed to be capturing the beauty of life in photos that will last forever — an emotion framed in a photograph. From the second you see a finished image to twenty years from now, that photo should make you, or a client, feel something. Sharpness is overrated, the moments matter.


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Sean Molin is an award-winning photographer out of Indianapolis who specializes in weddings, portraits, travel, and live music photography. He has had work featured in galleries and in magazines ranging from Popular Photography to Rolling Stone.

Coming from web development and IT, he's as much a geek for the gear as he is for taking photos.

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Some of those images are striking. What makes makes them even better is being mixed in with so many moments of the human experience. It looks like an advertisement for Time Magazine (in a good way).

I agreed with everything you wrote but I didn't care for the video. Too many photos went by so quickly, I couldn't even tell what I was looking at. The whole point of creating a photograph is to capture an image that people will want to explore. Unless you have the ability to peruse the photos, after having seen the video, it seems kinda worthless.

I think this video is actually a trailer for an upcoming exhibition, but I had a hard time finding any info on that. One of the title cards in the video says "coming soon," though.

Yeah I saw that too but wasn't sure what it meant.

Hey, I am one of the editors on this project. The video was a trailer to the site we were building. The site launched June 6th! Check it out at avisualyear.com
We love the feedback! And hope you enjoy the website!