A Photoshoot For The Star Wars Fans

A Photoshoot For The Star Wars Fans

When I received an email from Marie-Louise Cadosch saying she had a behind the scenes video featuring "Lord Vader" I may have rolled my eyes. Chances were good though that her photoshoot would be badass because her previous videos on Fstoppers are some of my favorites. I have come to expect the worst when photographers use famous super heroes or villains in their shoots, but what Marie-Louise did with this theme is pretty stunning. I can't remember the full story of the Twi'leks but the story told here in these images is pretty interesting. It looks like everything was shot with large softboxes in a cross lit position with a final key softbox up above. I'll try to get someone from Marc & Louis Photography to leave some additional information in the comments because these images are pretty cool.

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hehe I think these kind of shoots are awesome! :)
My only problem is Vader's head, in this shoot, seems to big for the body...
Other than that, well done!


Not quite as bad as Darth Helmet in Spaceballs though.

Aren't you a little short for a Vader?

Yeah, we used a total of 4 strobes with large softboxes. All lights were about the same brightness, no real main light here. One octa from above hold by a large boom stand, two stapled on each other from the left front side and 1 strip from the right front side.
This looks more complicated than it really is. The large boxes are needed to produce the reflections in the plastic of Darth Vader and the trooper.

This is pretty sweet. Love the tones of the final images.

OMG most amazing thing ever... lol Sry Star Wars fan boy ><

this is fantastic!!! Great work

I'm a pretty big Star Wars geek, and this shoot looks amazing! I love the gentle airy aura of the lighting and setup, contrasting with the dark nature of the images message and character. Well done!

Great stuff! Well shot, and cool idea.

Great shots. The nerd in me really likes the set up and the theme to the shots.

This is an amazing series. Of course the geek in me wonders "isn't he a little short to be a Darth Vader?"

I suddenly want a Darth Vader outfit! LOL

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How dare she push lord vader's buttons!

super cool images, but I'd really like to know where the music comes from?


The music matches the concept making this video pretty creepy. Still, great work.

Does anyone know the effect they used on the photo? That sorta hazed over look?

No special effects for this editorial, just some color corrections. These behind the scenes pictures are in the same style and edited in about 5 minutes:

This is awesome work, amazing series. as there is very little editing etc. apart from colour correction, was it kind of big in MUA terms to get it all right ? 

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Fascinating stuff!! 

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What a miserable waste of resources and talent.

Lets see what you have done lately eh? Oh nothing? Shut up.

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I don't make bad pictures for the sake of a shoot. If I don't have anything to show, I don't do anything.

I am a Star Wars fan and this is a huge disgrace.. George Lucas should sue you! :|