Powerful Photos Of Devastation And Destruction Around The World

Powerful Photos Of Devastation And Destruction Around The World

It could be the aftermath of a war, or the result of a strong Tsunami. It could be the destruction of a Hurricane, or the Devastation of a terror attack. The moment after something horrible happens, is also the moment people capture powerful images of (bad) historic events. We all remember few iconic shots of such events, photos we've seen for hundreds of times on TV, in newspapers or just online. This is why I chose to feature very powerful images you probably never saw before.

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Photo: Ariel Leshinsky.
Photo: Chris Dessaigne .

The Zone
Photo: Chris Dessaigne.

The city of Aleppo, Syria. A personal appeal.
Photo: Michal Przedlacki.

Photo: Ori Smaja .

Port-au-Prince, Haiti earthquake aftermath. January 16, 2009
Photo: ActionAid.

Wrecked House
Photo: Sclafani.

Post-Katrina New Orleans: All Too Appropriate Graffitti
Photo: Ryan Brenizer.

Misrata , Libya </3
Photo: Mohamed Dabub.

Afghanistan, Darul Aman Palace (Ruins)
Photo: PJ Tavera.

House No More
Photo: James McCauley.

Cross processed destruction in Aachen
Photo: Joep Roosen.

Hallways Of Always
Photo: Chris Dessaigne .

young boy in rubble 1986
Photo: Chris Dorley-Brown.

Crashed on a beach
Photo: Julien Ratel.

Steam pipe explosion, New York
Photo: Noam Galai.

Photo: Zoriah.

September 11th, 2001
Photo: Cliff.

Tsunami Debris
Photo: Nathan Bailey.

B29 crash site
Photo: Ed Oakley.

Photo: Culture:Subculture Photography.

Photo: Zoriah.

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mostly by humans, btw awesome pics..

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Noam, show us more stuff like the gif women, that was creative and awesome.