Sneak Peek at Shutterstock's New HQ in New York City

Sneak Peek at Shutterstock's New HQ in New York City

Shutterstock was founded in 2003 by entrepreneur (and photographer) Jon Oringer who wanted to create a 2-sided marketplace for stock photos (and later also video). Since then the company grew and became one of the biggest photography-related companies in the world. As of today they sell over 30 million stock images, and add 20,000 new images a day. This week the company's HQ relocated and moved to the iconic Empire State Building, and the offices look amazing.

In the new office you can find a massage room, free food made by chefs, yoga studio and of course a game room. Two of them actually. 300 people work in the new offices, but the company also employ iPad robots that have remote employees on screen whenever they feel the need to 'walk' and talk to someone in the office.

Check out the video made by showing the new modern office in the very old and iconic building we all know and love:

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From the angle of the article picture, the wall says "Shitler"

Jayson Carey's picture

came here to say exactly that.

Alamy rules

alamy is crap... im new to microstock and im just an hobbist doing this for fun.... but after 9 month i earned around 1400 euro at shuttestock and ony 120 euro at alamy.

I make over $2000 a month at alamy

..................I work from home.

SS staff and leadership has grown to be rude and arrogant. I am not supporting them as well.