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6 Tools for Properly Exposing Your Videos

While raw still image files can offer you a ton of latitude in post, but shooting raw with video is rarely an option. This is one of the reasons it is crucial to get your exposure as close to correct as possible in camera when shooting video, and this great video will show you six tools to help you get it just right.

Coming to you from Sareesh Sudhakaran of wolfcrow, this helpful video will show you six tools to get your exposure right in camera, including histograms, zebras, in-camera metering, a light meter, false color, and scopes (waveform and vectorscope). Exposure is definitely a different thing when it comes to shooting video, both because you should generally follow the 180-degree shutter rule to keep motion natural and because you cannot rely on correcting things in post as much, which is why the tools shown above are so useful. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

And if you want to continue learning about video, be sure to check out "Introduction to Video: A Photographer's Guide to Filmmaking With Lee Morris and Patrick Hall" and "Introduction to Adobe Premiere: A Video Editing Tutorial With Lee Morris," both of which are currently on sale!

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As long as you understand the basics, the rest will always happen...The proof is my first attempt at a solar eclipse we had on the 21st of June 2020...No solar filters or glasses!