The Best Film History Course on YouTube

If you're not familiar with Crash Course (and judging by the number of subscribers and viewers they have on YouTube, most of you are), it is an educational YouTube channel started by Hank and John Green. Mixing well thought-out topics and storylines with strong insights and entertainment, and combining it all into easily digestible episodes, the Green brothers have successfully presented and taught myriad subjects ranging from Biology to U.S. History and seemingly everything in between. Their latest venture is Crash Course Film.

Spanning a year with a new episode every week, Crash Course Film promises to deliver a smart and informative overview of all things movies. The first 16 episodes (of which 13 have so far been published), taught by Craig Benzine, start with the invention of the technology and cover film history from the Lumiere brothers to the current blockbuster comic book craze sweeping Hollywood. Future segments include discussions on film production and criticism.

Benzine says in the preview episode,

Studying film is really studying people, psychology, society, and technology. What do we want? What do we fear and why? What inspires us? Like many art forms, film gives us a window into these things. 

This is a must watch channel for anyone who has ever picked up a camera and created something. Hopefully, this series will lead you to further studies of the medium. The history of film dovetails with a history of the last century. After completing this excellent course, you'll gain a better understanding of both.

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lol why does he punch an eagle??? That made me laugh haha.

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That's just his thing! Ha, it always makes me laugh as well. Great comic timing on that punch

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I'm definitely going to be watching more of his content haha XD