Cinema Palettes Helps You Recreate the Colors of Your Favorite Films

Cinema Palettes Helps You Recreate the Colors of Your Favorite Films

The choice of colors in a scene can be one of the most influential factors in giving a film its signature identity. Whether you're looking to recreate an iconic look or simply seeking new inspiration, Cinema Palettes is making it incredibly easy to replicate your favorite films.

I'm a huge film buff; I love getting swept up in the beauty, mystique, and larger-than-life worlds they create. And so, it's only natural that I might want to recreate the look of some of my favorite films in my photography work. Cinema Palettes is making that process much easier by providing the color palettes used in these movies, allowing one to easily use them to select props, wardrobe, and lighting for a shoot, or to use them in post-processing. Each post gives a still frame from a film and includes a swatch of the colors used in that scene. It's informative and enlightening to see the colors abstracted from their context and organized neatly below. I've included some of my favorite films below.

After happening upon Cinema Palettes, I quickly found myself scrolling endlessly, mesmerized by the beautiful swatches. They have an abundance of popular and well-known films, so be sure to follow them

[via Cinema Palettes]

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fantastic :D but how to use it in adobe premiere ? :D